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East Coast Alliance
Alliance Profile
Big Brother Canada 1
Members Andrew Monaghan
Emmett Blois
Jillian MacLaughlin
Talla Rajaei
Defectors Emmett Blois
Votes Against 7
HoH Wins 8 (Week 2, Day 29, Weeks 6 & 7,
Day 50, Weeks 8, 9 & 10)
10 (Weeks 1, Day 37, Day 50,
8, 9, 10 & Day 71)
Veto Wins 5 (Day 29, Weeks 5, 6, 8 & 10)
Lowest Placing Member Andrew Monaghan (5/15)
Highest Placing Member Jillian MacLaughlin (Winner)

East Coast Alliance was an alliance on Big Brother Canada 1.


Andrew Monaghan
Emmett Blois
Jillian MacLaughlin
Talla Rajaei


After realizing that The Sheyld was dominating the game, Andrew Monaghan, Emmett Blois and Jillian MacLaughlin created the East Coast alliance. The alliance was able to pull in Talla Rajaei who was a key member at the time.


The East Coast alliance proved to be a very dominant alliance. They won the next 3 HOH competitions and took out all members outside of their alliance.


However, Gary Levy returned to the house after Canada voted him back in. The alliance planned to send Gary right back to the jury house and Emmett nominated Andrew and Gary. However, the alliance’s plans were foiled as Gary won the POV. Emmett then changed his target to Andrew and he was evicted. Despite Jillian winning HOH and Emmett winning the POV, Emmett decided to evict Talla and betray the alliance, realizing Talla was going to take Jillian to the final 2 and he though Gary was going to take him.


On Finale Night, Gary became the final HOH and he cast the sole vote to evict on Emmett. Jillian was able to win the game after Topaz Brady infamously accidentally voted for Jillian to win, crowning her the winner of Big Brother Canada 1 by a vote of 4-3.


  • Every member of the alliance voted for Jillian to win.
  • Although called the East Coast Alliance, Talla Rajaei is actually from a western province of Canada, Alberta.

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