Double Up is the main twist of the 3rd regular season of Pinoy Big Brother.

For the first time ever in the history of Pinoy Big Brother and the whole of Asia, there will be having two separate fully-furnished houses, similar in size were built with two sets of housemates living on each house.

The Double Up concept was carried on to the 3rd Teen Edition of Pinoy Big Brother as the Teen Clash twist.

Double Houses

With the Double Up twist, this season featured two separate fully furnish houses with two separate sets of housemates.

The two houses this season are called as "House A" and "House B".

  • House A's interior was dominated by a lime green mosaic art walls, inspired by the architectural designs of Antoni Gaudí, especifically his designs on Güell Park.

The two houses were similar in size and both furnished with the same amenities, although it was smaller than the houses of the three previous seasons. The Garden Areas reduced in size as well. House A's garden inherited the large infinity pool from Teen Edition: Plus. House B's garden area was actually the previous seasons' Activity Area, hence only having a simple terrace area with a jacuzzi at one side. The Activity Area for this season was moved to the Eviction Hall.

The two houses were united and connected by one confession room and one storage room.

Double Housemates

Two Sets of Housemates

Since there are two houses, there will be two sets of housemates living in each house. They will then compete for food and luxuries each week. The winning house will get a huge amount of budget while the losing house will have nothing.

Secret Twins

This twist featured two sets of twins. Each twin will live in separate houses. Their secret task was to be able to successfully transfer from one house to another without them getting caught or busted by the two houses. Once they failed, they will be forced evicted from the Big Brother house.

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