The Double Power of Veto is a variation of the Power of Veto.


Originally known as the Golden Ball of Veto, it was introduced in Week 7 of Big Brother 14 (US) after Frank Eudy opened Pandora's Box. Including the typical Power of Veto won by competition, a Golden Ball of Veto could be received by winning it in a claw game. The Golden Ball of Veto was won by Ian Terry, who was unable to play in that week's Veto competition as he already had a Veto. He did not use it during that week's Veto Ceremony. Jenn Arroyo then won the actual Veto competition and used it on Dan Gheesling.

The name was changed to Double Power of Veto and was seen as a choice for America's Care Package during Week 3 of Big Brother: Over The Top. At the Power of Veto competition, two Vetoes would be won, rather than the one. It was selected by Scott Dennis, and the two Veto winners were Alex Willett and Justin Duncan. Alex did not use hers, while Justin chose to use his on Kryssie Ridolfi.

It returned again in the first eviction cycle of Celebrity Big Brother 2 (US). After Ricky Williams won the first PoV competition and decided not to use it, it was revealed that Anthony Scaramucci was a Fake HouseGuest, and was giving the remaining HouseGuests a second chance at the PoV. Since Ricky already won one, he was safe and could not play in the second competition, dubbed Mooch's Veto, which was then won by Kato Kaelin, who took Tom Green off the block.



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