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Denislava "Diona" Sashova is a contestant on VIP Brother 10 (Bulgaria).


Retrieved and Translated from Nova
Born: Byala Slatina
Education: Bachelor
Age: 23 years old
Zodiac: Gemini
Marital Status: Bound
Profession: Singer, model, actress
Harmful habits: I do not
Hobbies and Interests: Shopping, Music, Fashion, Painting, Cooking
Describe yourself in a few words: Real, crazy and fun
The best words they said about you: Smart, talented, purposeful, beautiful, human, earthly, good, and so on
What are you proud of? With all that I have achieved so far and with the fact that I have achieved SAMA! That I am independent and never surrender.
The three things you can not live with in the House: Nail files, my phone, my toothbrush
Diona believes it is the Bulgarian variant of Eminem. "Have you not heard of me? They identify me as the first and best rap artist in Bulgaria "
She claims to have received unthinkable suggestions from fans, offering money, dabbing her with honey, chocolate, strawberries and pumpkin seeds. There are over 200,000 social networking followers. "My most watched video on net has more than half a million views, plus I let myself sing in front of 7,000 people without worrying about it. My people are happy and think I'm a Goddess. With my vision I could become a model, but with a picture of how I can understand how well I can rap. I like to look good and look good. "
He says he does not like "dull women". "I really hate being inflated and I really love to crack them. I can hide everyone in the rhymes so they do not get angry. " [1]

Player's History - VIP Brother 10 (Bulgaria)[]

Task History[]

Week 1

Nominations History[]

Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position
1 Nora Nedkova
Valentin Kulagin
2 Konstantin Trendafilov
Valentin Kulagin
Atanas Kolev
Bozhana Katsarova
Konstantin Trendafilov
Lora Karadjova
Petko Dimitrov & Yana Akimova-Dimitrova
Stefan Nikolov
Vanya Kostova
Veselin Plachkov
3 Stefan Nikolov Eva Naydenova Nominated

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