Dion Kallis was a housemate in Big Brother Australia 11.

He was dubbed as The Gym Junkie for being a fitness fanatic.

Upon his entry, he was able to choose one of the two housemates, among Jason Roses and Skye Wheatley he chose Jason to be his pair.


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The Gym Junkie of Brisbane

Brisbane born-and-bred Dion is a neat-freak and fitness fanatic who loves to push himself to the limit and reckons you only get out what you put in.

The 24-year-old hair product salesman just bought a house with his girlfriend and he’s keen for a family of his own. As a budding triathlete he admits to being one of those cyclists ordering lattes in clip-clop shoes!

While he confesses he’s sometimes too quick to judge a book by its cover, he’d rather walk away from confrontation than let things get heated - which should annoy anyone who’s fixing for an argument!

And since Dion values loyalty and honesty above all things, anyone with some gossip to spread had better steer well clear.

On being a motivated kinda guy:
I don't care about excuses, or people's excuses. I think you can make a million and one excuses. You can either make excuses or move forward and have results, so I'm more of the latter.

On empathy tears:
I will cry when the situation is warranted. I cry a lot at events when someone else is crying, or a speech is being done and that person is being moved by the speech, I'll immediately feel how they're feeling somehow and just cry. Even if it's not necessarily something that's emotional to me at all.

Perfect example: Celine Dion brings me to tears. That voice can bring you to tears. So that's the sort of thing.

On being cooped up in the House:
I'll get pretty antsy. There is always a way to train. I’ll do a pushup whenever I can, but it's not the be-all and end-all, and hopefully if I don’t get the chance to train it's because there's so much other fun stuff going on.

On playing the mediator:
I want to be the mentally stable one who can bring everything to a sane point, and everyone's happy and everyone's loving it and it's all good!

On open-mindedness:
I cannot stand people who can't respect your way of doing something; who think the only way is their way or the highway.

On having no filter:
I'll definitely put my foot in it and say things that I'm not meant to. Or say things I'm not to … that are secret and I have no idea. I'll just blurt things out. It's just because I live in the moment and I won't plan before or after, I'll just do something and then I'll have to pay for it afterwards.

On clean-living and booze:
I don't drink to relax. I relax just by hanging out with friends and, you know, doing the same thing you would while drinking – but I just don't necessarily need a drink to do it. Every now and then I'll have a beer or two. But I don't feel that is what I need to relax. On first impressions:
People say I'm arrogant. I'm just over-confident a lot of the time.

On having a long-term girlfriend:
She trusts me not to go in there and do any naughty business under the covers, so it's all good.

On his stable moral compass:
I never do anything because it's what somebody else wants me to do. I'll still always hold true to what I think is right. [1]

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Week Points Nominated Final Position
2 4 Gemma Kinghorn &
Jake Richardson
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4 David Hodis &
Sandra Nixon
2 Lisa Clark &
Skye Wheatley
3 2 Katie Schepis Nominated
3 Cat Law

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