Denny Heidrich was a housemate on Big Brother Germany 13.


Denny Heidrich Biography

Retrieved and Translated from Sat. 1
"If people don't tear their mouths at you, you're uninteresting anyway."
With his tattoos and self-tanning complexion, Denny may seem a bit rocky and hard at first glance, but at the latest when he smiles it becomes clear that he is an open and happy guy.
He surprises his environment with his eloquence, his intellect and above all with his social streak. In addition to his job, he volunteers to look after children in the cancer ward and tries to make the world a little better with his empathetic way.
Team spirit is important to the professional boxer. This can definitely be an advantage with "Big Brother". He likes to be in control and pull others with him.[1]

Player's History - Big Brother Germany 13

Match Arena

Week 1 Live Duel Win
Week 2 Live Duel Ineligible
Week 4 Live Duel Loss
Week 5 Live Duel Win
Week 6 Live Duel Loss
Week 8 Live Duel Loss
Week 9 Live Duel Ineligible
Week 10 Live Duel Win

House History

Week 1 Block House
Glass House
Week 2 Block House
Week 3 Glass House
Week 4 Glass House
Week 5 Block House
Week 6 Block House
Week 7 Block House
Week 8 Glass House
Week 9 Block House
Week 10 Block House

Budget History

Week 1 Luxury Budget
Week 2 Luxury Budget
Week 3 Luxury Budget
Week 4 Basic Rations
Week 5 Luxury Budget
Week 6 Luxury Budget
Week 7 Basic Rations
Week 8 Luxury Budget
Week 9 Luxury Budget
Week 10 Luxury Budget

Nominations History

Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position
2 Michelle Redert Ineligible
No Nominations Nominated
4 Gina Beckmann Michelle Redert
Philipp Kalisch
Week Position Voted For With Majority?
5 Gina Beckmann No
Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position
7 Rebecca Zöller Philipp Kalisch
8 Romana Hoffmann
10 Cedric Beidinger
Serkan Yavuz
Cedric Beidinger
Gina Beckmann
Michelle Redert
Pat Müller
Philipp Kalisch
Rebecca Zöller


  1. Denny (in German) (8 February 2020). Retrieved on 8 February 2020.


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