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Deborah Agboola is a housemate in Big Brother 18 (UK).


Age: 25
Twitter: @Officialdebra
Hometown: Stratford

  • Deborah is driven and ambitious, which she says is down to her mother’s mantra: "if you want the sweetest banana, you have to climb the highest tree"
  • Deborah’s sister Hannah is also a housemate, and Deborah confesses she always gets involved in her sister’s battles
  • Deborah prides herself on being a strong-willed woman who isn’t afraid to speak her mind and will not be disrespected by anyone
  • She says her Nigerian background has given her a strong sense of values and her family mean everything to her

Why Big Brother?
"I want to show the world single moms can be ambitious, successful and don’t have to shy away and be locked up in our houses".

Player's History - Big Brother 18 (UK)

Task History

Week 1 Daily Task Passed
People's Housemate Passed
Daily Task Passed
Week 2 People's Housemate Passed
Daily Task Passed
Weekly Task Passed
Daily Challenge Loss
Week 3 Daily Task Ineligble
Daily Task Passed
Weekly Task Passed
Week 4 Daily Task Passed
Daily Task Cancelled
Weekly Task Failed
Daily Task Ineligible
Week 5 Daily Challenge Loss
Daily Challenge Win
Daily Challenge Sat Out
Daily Challenge Sat Out
Weekly Task Passed
Daily Task Ineligible
Daily Task Ineligible
Week 6 Daily Challenge Win
Weekly Task Failed
Daily Challenge Win
Daily Challenge Win
Daily Challenge Win
Daily Challenge Win
Week 7 Daily Task Ineligible
The Steal Loss
Daily Task Passed

Shopping Budget History

Week 1 Luxury Budget
Week 2 Luxury Budget
Week 3 Luxury Budget
Week 4 Luxury Budget
Week 5 Economy Budget
Week 6 Luxury Budget
Week 7 Economy Budget

Nominations History

Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position
1 Ineligible
Tom Barber
2 Rebecca Jane
Kayleigh Morris
Kayleigh Morris
3 Joe Quaranta
Tom Barber
4 Lotan Carter
Tom Barber
Nominations Void Nominated
5 Tom Barber
Joe Quaranta
Sam Chaloner
6 Ineligible
7 Ineligible
Ellie Young
Tom Barber
8 Ineligible
No Nominations 3rd Place



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