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Dawn Blake was a houseguest on Big Brother 7 (UK).


Dawn Blake Biography
Retrieved from Channel 4

A determined and serious lady, Dawn is a strict vegetarian who loves her own company. She takes pleasure in reading textbooks, and spends a lot of time finding fault with things.

Personal Data
Age: 38
Home: Birmingham
Job: Exercise scientist
Starsign: Not known

Film: Horror
TV Show: Not known
Book: No novels, just textbooks
Food: Strict vegetarian

She says:
I point out people's mistakes, which I am always right about as I never lose an argument.[1]

Player History - Big Brother 7 (UK)[]

After entering the house, Dawn was quickly on the outside of the majority after not being part of "The Big Brotherhood" that would have led to her being nominated for eviction. But later on Day 7, Dawn received a message from her family stating that her sister was ill. When she left the Diary Room, she told Richard Newman and several other housemates that it was a code from the outside world. Dawn had stated that if her career was at risk or her family was disappointed with her, they would send her a coded message telling her to leave. Within 30 minutes, Big Brother called her back to the Diary Room to inform her that she broke the rules and that they would look into the punishment. The next morning, Dawn was called back to the Diary Room, and asked Big Brother to let her leave the house and the producers ejected her from the house.

Task History[]

Week 1 Immunity Loss
Daily Task Passed

Nominations History[]

Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position
1 Not in Big Brotherhood

Post Big Brother[]



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