Dawid Łojewski was a housemate on Big Brother Poland 7. On Day 42, Dawid walked from the game after being locked in a secret room as a punishment for being in a fight.


Dawid Łojewski Biography

Retrieved and Translated from TVN
Gdynia, 29 years old
He spends his summer in Chałupy, in the Mecca of Polish surfing, in winter he teaches skiing. Motorbikes are his great passion.
He is still hungry for experience, does not like boredom and is constantly looking for new activities. His positive attitude to life makes him draw conclusions from every, even difficult situation.
He believes that people are good by nature.[1]

Player's History - Big Brother Poland 7

Nominations History

Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position
1 Exempt
Łukasz Stawicki
Karolina Sztafa
2 Małgorzata Szmal
Łukasz Stawicki
3 Małgorzata Szmal
Martyna Lewandowska
4 Kamil Lemieszewski
Anna Izvarina
Anna Izvarina
Wiktor Stadniczenko
5 Kamil Lemieszewski
Katarzyna Strojek
6 Wiktor Stadniczenko
Martyna Lewandowska
Anna Izvarina
Malwina Ha


  1. Dawid Łojewski (in polish) (13 September 2019). Retrieved on 13 September 2019.


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