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Daniel Matsunaga is the Big Winner of Pinoy Big Brother: All In.


Daniel Matsunaga Biography

Name: Daniel Matsunaga Origin:Makati
Age: 25
Occupation: Actor-Model
Hobbies: Acting

Hunk of the World of Makati

The Brazilian-Japanese hottie rose to fame after appearing in Cosmo’s September 2009 Men supplement issue. Daniel’s father is pure Japanese but was born and raised in Brazil, his mother is Brazilian.

Before this hunk decided to live in the Philippines, he lived in 25 countries. Longest countries he lived in are Philippines, Hong Kong, Thailand, Korea and Singapore. He and his sister left Brazil when they were 18 and 16 respectively, to pursue a career in modelling.

To quote parts of his tweet prior to entering the famous blue and yellow house “God has the perfect timing for what we do… one day I was told to come to the Philippines for a reason .” “I don’t what is going to happen in the next few days, but I leave everything in God’s hands.” Whether it is related to becoming an official housemate is a mystery.

Player History - Pinoy Big Brother: All In[]

Task History[]

Week 1 Weekly Task Loss
Week 2 Weekly Task Win
Week 3 Weekly Task Win
Week 4 Weekly Task Win
Week 5 Weekly Task Loss
Week 6 Weekly Task Loss
Week 7 Weekly Task Loss
Week 8 Weekly Task Loss
Week 9 Weekly Task Loss
Week 10 Weekly Task Win
Week 11 Weekly Task Loss
Week 12 Weekly Task Loss
Week 13 Weekly Task Win
Week 14 Weekly Task Win
Week 15 Weekly Task Win

Competition History[]

Week 6 Insta-Save Ineligible
Week 7 All Out - Part 1 Loss
All Out - Part 2 Win
Week 8 All Out - Part 3 Ineligible
Week 9 Insta-Save Loss
Week 10 All In 10 - Part 1 Loss
All In 10 - Part 2 Loss
All In 10 - Part 3 Win
All In 10 - Part 4 Loss
Week 12 Super Challenges Win
Week 14 Save-a-Friend Ligtask Win
Week 15 Fake Eviction Competition Ineligible
Insta-Save Win
Week 16 Do You Know? Loss

Nominations History[]

Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position
2-3 Not In House
4 Ineligible
6 2-Aina Solano
1-Ranty Portento
2-Jane Oineza
2-Ranty Portento
7 Nomination Competition
All Out Competition
9 2-Joshua Garcia
1-Jane Oineza
2-Maris Racal
2-Fifth Pagotan
10 Nomination Competition
All in 10 Competition
12 Nomination Competition
Super Challenges
14 Vickie Rushton Manolo Pedrosa
15 2-Joshua Garcia
1-Loisa Andalio
2-Loisa Andalio
1-Joshua Garcia
Joshua Garcia Loisa Andalio
Joshua Garcia
Maris Racal
Jane Oineza
Fake Evicted
Fake Eviction Competition Ineligible
No Nominations Saved
16 Nomination Competition
Do You Know?
17 Open Voting Nominated
Big Night Finale Big Winner

Post Big Brother[]


Daniel Matsunaga with fellow celebrity contestant, Arci Muñoz in one of the performances in I Can Do That.

  • During a guesting on the morning talkshow, Kris TV in 2014, Daniel revealed that he is now a naturalized Filipino. [1]
  • In 2015, Daniel became part of the cast for the drama series wikipedia: Two Wives.
  • In 2015, Daniel announced his relationship with Filipino actress, Erich Gonzales.
    • They lasted for two years, ending in a controversial break up in early 2017.[2]
  • In 2016, Daniel had his first main role portrayal when he was cast in the romantic-comedy series Be My Lady opposite to his then girlfriend, Erich Gonzales.[3]
  • In 2017, Daniel became a celebrity contestant for ABS-CBN's reality competition series, I Can Do That where he landed in third place.[4]
  • In October 2017, Daniel revealed that he's currently in a relationship with Poland's Next Top Model Cycle 5 runner-up Karolina Pisarek. They met after Karolina came to the Philippines for an ad campaign.[5]
  • Daniel appeared for a special participation in the family drama series, A Love To Last.
  • He was cast in the comedy movie, Meant to Beh in premiering in December 2017.
  • In 2021, Matsunaga retires the show business.


  • Daniel is the second latecomer housemate to become the Big Winner.
  • Daniel is the first ever non-Filipino housemate to win Pinoy Big Brother.
    • He was a Brazilian-Japanese model who moved to the Philippines five years prior to his entry in the Big Brother House. Daniel fully became a naturalized Filipino Citizen in 2014.
  • Daniel was the first ever Celebrity Housemate to win in a non-all Celebrity season.
  • Daniel was the third Celebrity Housemate to become a Big Winner.


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