Dan Osborne is the third place finisher of Celebrity Big Brother 22 (UK).


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Dan Osborne is an English former reality star who appeared in the hit show, The Only Way Is Essex. He is also known for his relationship with ex-EastEnders’ actress Jacqueline Jossa.

In June it was reported that his wife Jacqueline had dumped him after learning he had cheated on her with a Miss Essex.

Not afraid to show off his body, Dan joined The Dream Boys three years ago and embarked on a national arena tour.[2]

Player History - Celebrity Big Brother 22 (UK)

Task History

Week 1 Weekly Task Failed
Daily Task Ineligible
Week 2 Weekly Task Passed
Daily Task Ineligible
Daily Task Passed
Week 3 Weekly Task Passed
Daily Task Passed
Daily Task Passed
Daily Task Passed

Nominations/Voting History

Day Nominated Nominated By Final Position
5 Natalie Nunn
Roxanne Pallett
11 Chloe Ayling
Ryan Thomas
13 Ineligible
Day Position Voted for With Majority?
16 Saved
Jermaine Pennant No
Day Nominated Nominated By Final Position
17 Hardeep Singh Kohli
Sally Morgan
20 Hardeep Singh Kohli
26 No Nominations Third Place

Post Big Brother



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