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The Coaches Competition was a competition in Big Brother 14 that only the four coaches participated in. The winner of the competition selected one member of their team to be safe from the threat of nomination and eviction for the week. The very first competition featured a merging of the Have/Have-Not Competition as well, with each coach selecting one team member to be a Have-Not for the week. Starting in Week 2, each coach had the option of making a player from their team immune or permanently trading one of their team members for a player on another team (the Head of Household was the only person immune from the trade).


Week 1[]


The first Coaches Competition was won by Mike Malin. He had the power to choose one of his players to be safe from eviction for the week. He chose Ian Terry. After the competition, each coach was told that they had to pick one of their players to become a Have-Not for the week. Britney Haynes chose Shane Meaney, Dan Gheesling chose Danielle Murphree, Janelle Pierzina chose Ashley Iocco, and Mike chose Ian.

Week 2[]


Janelle Pierzina won the second Coaches Competition. She had the power of either choosing one of her current players to be safe for the week, or she could trade one of her own players for another coach's player. She chose to grant immunity to Ashley Iocco for the week. Janelle also had to choose which four houseguests would become Have-Nots for the week. She chose Ian Terry, JoJo Spatafora, Shane Meaney, and Willie Hantz.

Week 3[]

For the second time in a row, Janelle Pierzina was victorious at the Coaches Competition. She was once again offered with the choice of either trading one of her players or granting immunity to one of her players. She chose to keep Wil Heuser safe for the week. After each coach was eliminated from the competition, they had to open a locker which would contain either a reward or a punishment. Britney Haynes, the first to be eliminated from the competition, had to choose who the Have-Nots were for the week. She chose Ian Terry and Joe Arvin. Mike Malin, the second to be eliminated from the competition, was awarded with $10,000 and could choose which two other houseguests he would share the money with. He decided to give $1,000 to Jenn Arroyo, $3,000 to Ian, and $6,000 to himself. Dan Gheesling, the third to be eliminated from the competition, had to choose five people to join him at a sushi party. He chose Britney, Janelle, Mike, Danielle Murphree, and Shane Meaney.

List of Coaches Competitions[]

Week Competition Winner
1 "Big Brother Derby"
Mike Malin
2 "Phat Stacks"
Janelle Pierzina
3 "Feel The Burn"
Janelle Pierzina

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