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The Coaches twist was a twist on Big Brother 14 (US).

A coach is a veteran house guest that acts as a mentor for new houseguests. Four returning houseguests, Britney Haynes, Dan Gheesling, Janelle Pierzina, and Mike Malin returned and selected teams consisting of three of the new houseguests. The coach of the player wins Big Brother 14 won $100,000. In addition to strategizing and advising their players, coaches compete in a Coaches Competition weekly, with the winner granting immunity to one of their players. Coaches may not vote, be nominated, or compete in any other competition.

The coach twist ended when the coaches were given the opportunity to reset the game by pressing a big red button in the diary room, cancelling that night's eviction and putting the coaches into the game as players. The only coach to not press the button was Mike Boogie.


  • In terms of challenge wins, Team Boogie was the most successful: winning 13 competitions (every member winning at least one).
  • In terms of placing, Team Boogie was also the most successful, with an average placing of 5.75.
    • Team Dan came in second with an average placing of 9.
    • Team Janelle came in third with an average placing of 9.5.
    • Team Britney came in fourth (last) with an average placing of 9.75.
  • Britney is the only coach to be on the jury. Mike and Janelle were both evicted pre-jury, and Dan was in the final 2.
  • The players shown as possible coaches were Rachel, Janelle, Will, Boogie, Enzo, Renny, Dan, Jessie, Dick, Britney, and Jeff.