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Claire Sweeney was the runner-up of Celebrity Big Brother 1 (UK).


Being brought up in the Corkhill household has presented many challenges to Lindsey (alias Claire Sweeney). With a loving but errant father, a drug abusing brother and a string of unsuitable or untrustworthy men all serving to sway her in the wrong direction when making life choices, her aspirations for a better life have often led her into some right dodgy dealings. However, Lindsey has put that naughty old world firmly in the past and is now concentrating on being a full time mother to Kylie as well as making a real go of it in the Garage.

Although more than a little bit worried about her father's bizarre behaviour, Lindsey has been distracted by matters closer to her heart. Namely her relationship with 'love rat' Shelley.

In 'real life' Claire, 29, attended dance school as a child, followed by stage school in Liverpool and London. She had a brief spell with Brookside before joining a cruise liner as a singer and then returned home to become a regular cast member. She lives on her own in Liverpool and in her free time, she likes to pop down the gym followed by a bit of gentle shopping. She can't wait to go into the Big Brother house - not least to get a bit of relaxation and get away from the telly. The last time she shared a house was at drama college where she lived for 2 years with 6 other female drama students in a huge big room. Her ideal Big Brother housemate would be Barbara Streisand -otherwise Antonio Banderas would do. Victor Meldrew would be her least favourite choice. Claire thinks that Jack Dee will win, because he's funny and she also says she has a bit of a soft spot for Keith Duffy, admitting that 'If he's up for a snog, I'm up for it.'[1]

Player History - Celebrity Big Brother 1[]

Nominations History[]

Day Nominated Nominated By Final Position
2 Anthea Turner
Chris Eubank
Chris Eubank -
4 Jack Dee
Vanessa Feltz
- -
6 Jack Dee
Keith Duffy
Keith Duffy -
8 No Nominations Runner-Up

Post Big Brother[]


  • Claire is the only houseguest in Celebrity Big Brother 1 (UK) to not be nominated for eviction.
    • This also makes her the first Celebrity Big Brother houseguest to never be nominated.
  • Claire is the first houseguest to place 2nd in any celebrity edition of Big Brother.
  • Claire is the first female Celebrity Big Brother houseguest to be a finalist across any version of the show.


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