Christopher Hall was a housemate and finalist on Big Brother 15 (UK).


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Twitter: @chrishall9011
Home town: Enniskillen

  • Christopher is a big fan of Katie Hopkins and White Dee.
  • He's passionate about great journalism and getting the scoop before others. He enjoys the thrill of the chase and he refuses to take the word no for an answer. "Making things happen is everything to me", he says.
  • He is also passionate about having an opinion and hates it when people don't take an interest in the world around them.
  • Given the choice between money and love, he would choose love as he has never had a relationship. He really likes the idea of being in love and 'building something special with the right man'.
  • Christopher classes himself as religious and was brought up as a Protestant.
  • Christopher thinks his best personality traits are being spontaneous and loyal. His worst traits are being 'melodramatic and getting overexcited'.
  • He spends a lot of his weekends working but does tend to go out every Saturday night for a heavy night. His usual night out begins with drinks at his flat and then on to some bars in either Clapham or Shoreditch.
  • He is single and has never been in a proper relationship. Christopher says that his confidence evaporates when it comes to relationships and says he can be rather 'neurotic' about dating.
  • He isn't looking for love in the House, but ‘wouldn’t turn it down if it came along'.
  • In the House, Christopher says he will get on best with 'eccentric, uninhibited people'. He would struggle to get on with 'egotistical people and people who judge', even though he admits he can be guilty of this himself.
  • As a housemate, Christopher says he 'won't hold back and wants to let loose and have no regrets'.
  • In the House, Christopher says he will find it hard not to be able to pop out for a coffee and having to 'endure 24 hours of social interaction'.[1]

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