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Christian Vasquez was a housemate on Pinoy Big Brother: Celebrity Edition 1.

Inside the Pinoy Big Brother house, he was considered as one of the funny housemates.


Christian Vasquez is an actor and model. He graduated from high school at the University of St. La Salle-Integrated School Class of 1994 in Bacolod City.

Vasquez gained popularity for his PLDT commercial in which a father who lives in Iloilo forced his son who studies in Manila to take up medicine instead of fine arts. Against his father's will, he took up fine arts instead and finally his father accepted his son's decision. The line of the commercial which is mixed of Ilonggo and Tagalog "Kung saan ka masaya te suportahan ta ka" ("I will support you, wherever you are gonna be happy with") made him popular.

On March 4, 2006, Vazquez became the second housemate to be officially evicted from the Pinoy Big Brother house and the fourth housemate to leave the house. He received 13.5% of the people's vote, so far the lowest among that edition's evictees.

Player's History - Pinoy Big Brother: Celebrity Edition 1

Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position
2 Keanna Reeves
Rustom Padilla
3 No Nominations
4 Rico Robles
Keanna Reeves
John Prats
Rico Robles
Rustom Padilla
Keanna Reeves

Post Big Brother

  • In 2017, he joined the cast of ABS-CBN's Wildflower as Dante Cruz, the patriarch of the Cruz family who eventually clashed with the Ardientes, the ruling family of Poblacion Ardiente. His character died early on which caused for her daughter, Lily Cruz, played by Maja Salvador to grow up seeking for vengeance and putting the Ardientes' evil to an end by changing her name to Ivy Aguas after being adopted by a wealthy widow and entering through the lives of the Ardiente family. His fellow housemate Roxanne Barcelo also appears in the series, portraying Natalie Alcantara.



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