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Chris Eubank was a housemate on Celebrity Big Brother 1 (UK).


Born in London on 8th August 1966, Chris attended various schools, managing to get himself expelled from all of them. He spent his childhood in and out of care and by 14 he was living on the streets. He was constantly being chased by the police - once for a full 24 hours, only escaping by sliding down a drainpipe in his underpants. At 16 he moved to the USA with his father and he graduated school while taking up boxing.

He won his first amateur championship in New York aged 18, turning professional the following year. Since then he's amassed quite a few boxing titles including former undefeated WBC international middleweight champion, former undefeated WBO Middleweight champion of the world, former WBO super-middleweight champion of the world and The Ultimate Gladiator. He's been in 52 fights with 45 wins (of which 20 were World Championship wins).

Taking Nigel Benn's WBO Middleweight crown in the greatest and most ferocious title confrontation between two British boxers, remains one of Chris's career highpoints. Knocking out Renaldo Dos Santos at the Royal Albert Hall with the first punch was also quite a bit of a buzz!

On the homefront Chris's snappy sartorial style has won him several Best Dressed Man awards. In 1990 he married Karron - despite the fact that their first date ended with her being rushed to hospital with concussion. Together with their four children, they live in Brighton, where Chris is Lord of the Manor and can be seen driving around in his massive Monster truck.[1]

Player History - Celebrity Big Brother 1[]

Nominations History[]

Day Nominated Nominated By Final Position
2 Anthea Turner
Claire Sweeney
Anthea Turner
Claire Sweeney
Jack Dee
Keith Duffy
Vanessa Feltz

Post Big Brother[]


  • Chris is the first person to be evicted on any celebrity edition of Big Brother.


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