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Caroline Wharram was a housemate in Big Brother 13 (UK).

Caroline was known for her rude and unpleasant personality, though she managed to create strong friendships with Ashleigh Hughes, Becky Hannon, and Conor McIntyre. Throughout her time in the house she got warned several times by Big Brother for some of the comments she made about other housemates, specifically towards Adam Kelly. Though Caroline would apologize, she would continue to make several off-color comments. As a result, the British public developed a very strong dislike for Caroline and shouted multiple times at different evictions to get Caroline out. Caroline was nominated for the first time during week 8, the public got their wish and she was evicted, finishing in 10th place.


Player's History - Big Brother 13 (UK)[]

Task History[]

Nominations History[]

Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position
1 Ineligible
2 Chris James
Lauren Carre
Chris James
Shievonne Robinson
3 Benedict Garrett
Lauren Carre
Lauren Carre
Luke Anderson
4 Adam Kelly
Luke Anderson
Adam Kelly
Luke Anderson
5 Lauren Carre
Adam Kelly
Adam Kelly
6 Ineligible
Adam Kelly
7 Luke Anderson
Lauren Carre
Adam Kelly
Lauren Carre
Luke Anderson
8 Adam Kelly
Luke Anderson
Adam Kelly
Deana Uppal
Luke Anderson

Post Big Brother[]


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