Carolina Vico finished in 13th place in Gran Hermano 16 (Spain).


Carolina Vico Bustamante (born November 28, 1993) is a 21-year-old girl from Vidreres, Girona. While she aspires to become a professional model, she takes hairdressing and make up courses and she is also a horsewoman. She affirms she has an extrovert personality but she does not forgive easily if she is hurt. When she entered the house on Day One, her secret remained undisclosed to the audience. During the second gala, Mercedes Milà revealed to the contestants that someone inside the House was able to see ghosts. The following week the program revealed that that person was Carolina. On many nights she woke up frightened and ran to sleep with Marta. Ironically, she was the sixth evicted on Day 47 during a Halloween show.

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