Carlotta Maggiorana was a housemate on Grande Fratello VIP 4. On Day 27, she walked from the game after no longer wanting to be in the house.


Carlotta Maggiorana Biography

Retrieved and Translated from Mediaset
Date of birth: January 3, 1992
City: San Severino Marche (Fermo)
Miss Italy 2018 , first to conquer and preserve the band of the most beautiful in Italy despite being married. A 26-year-old Miss with a sexy calendar to her credit, brings disarray and revolutionizes the world of the "queens" until then very young and water and soap.
The first steps in the show business move them on the "tips". Carlotta, in fact, was born as a television dancer, later the roles of valletta and some small parts in some high profile films such as Tree of life with Brad Pitt and Sean Penn, and Un Fantastico via go by Leonardo Pieraccioni and in the fiction L Honor and respect .
Love motorcycles; she is a pilot for free practice on the track.[1]

Player's History - Grande Fratello VIP 4

Nominations History

Week Position Voted For With Majority?
1 Not in House
Week Nominated Nominated by Final Position
1 Exempt
2 Adriana Volpe Adriana Volpe
Iván González Ineligible
3 Ineligible
Antonio Zequila
Paola Di Benedetto
Rita Rusić Licia Nunez
Rita Rusić
4 Rita Rusić Licia Nunez
Patrick Ray Pugliese Barbara Alberti
Licia Nunez
Michele Cucuzza
5 Walked


  1. Carlotta (in Italian) (8 January 2020). Retrieved on 8 January 2020.


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