Carlos Rengel finished in 6th place in Gran Hermano 16 (Spain).


Carlos Rengel Sobreviela is a 25-year-old bar owner from Barcelona. He entered the house on Day One right after his girlfriend Ivy, who was unaware she would also join the competition, along with their dog Hito. Just upon entering the house, he proposed marriage to Ivy, she accepted, and a marriage promise ceremony was conducted immediately. For the rest of the housemates, he had to pretend he did not know Ivy from before. She guessed that Maite and Sofia were mother and daughter in week 2. Carlos and Ivy's secret was discovered on the third assembly of secrets. Carlos' prize will be reduced in €100,000 in case he wins as a punishment for hinting his secret. He was the thirteenth housemate to be evicted on Day 89.

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