Brooke Berry is a housemate in Big Brother 19 (UK).


Age: 21
Twitter: @brookeberry_
Hometown: London

  • Writes a blog which is a modern take on the values of Buddhism, rather than the religious aspects.
  • Brooke describes herself as nomadic, and has lived all over the UK as well as the French Alps, Cyprus and Ibiza and has moved at least 20 times in the last five years.
  • She wants to go into the House to represent lesbian women and thinks it would be very healthy for young girls and boys to see it discussed openly.
  • She claims winning is not important but admits she can also be bitter when she loses.
  • She doesn’t get along with materialistic, closed minded people.
  • Brooke believes she can bring a “young, dynamic, millennial spin” to the Big Brother House and thinks she can hold debates, arguments and opinions well.[1]

Player's History - Big Brother 19 (UK)

Task/Competition History

Week 1 Big Coin Gained Coins
Big Coin Loss/Gained Coins
Big Coin Survived
Big Coin Loss
Big Coin Gained Coins
Big Coin Gained Coins
Big Coin Gained Coins
Week 2 Gamechanger Not Picked
Weekly Task Failed
Big Coin Ineligible
Week 3 Big Coin Survived
Gamechanger Loss
Weekly Task Passed
Week 4 Gamechanger Not Picked
Weekly Task Failed
Week 5 Big Coin Gained Coins
Daily Task Passed
Gamechanger Loss
Daily Task Passed
Weekly Task Passed
Gamechanger Not Picked
Week 6 Big Coin Gained Coins
Gamechanger Loss
Weekly Task Passed

Nominations/Voting History

Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position
1 Ineligible
2 Lewis Flanagan
Lewis Gregory
3 Kay Lovelle
Tomasz Wania
Public Nominee
4 Lewis Flanagan
Akeem Griffiths
5 Tomasz Wania
Hussain Ahmed
Isabella Farnese
Tomasz Wania
Lewis Flanagan
Isabella Farnese
Isabella Farnese
Week Position Voted for With Majority?
Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position
6 Zoe Jones
Lewis Flanagan
Lewis Flanagan
Sîan Hamshaw
Zoe Jones
Public Nominee
7 No Nominations Nominated

Post Big Brother



  1. Big Brother UK (14 September 2018). Brooke Berry. Retrieved on 14 September 2018.
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