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Bronte Anne D'Acquisto was a houseguest on Big Brother 18 (US).

Bronte began the game apart of Jozea Flores’s newbies alliance, even going onto form the Spy Girls, which consisted of Bronte, Bridgette Dunning, and Natalie Negrotti. Despite the other side of the house being in power for the first two weeks, Bronte was able to stay safe as she was viewed as non-threatening by many of the other houseguests.

Despite Bridgette winning Head of Household in Week 3, Bronte was placed on the block by Bridgette’s closest ally, Frank Eudy, as the Roadkill nominee. Despite this, Frank still sought to keep Bronte safe and evict Tiffany Rousso, a paranoid player, whom was targeting Frank. However, Frank had become a large target in the house and Da'Vonne Rogers and Michelle Meyer, sought to use Tiffany as a way to help target Frank. Thus on eviction night, Da'Vonne and Michelle were able to convince the majority of the house to keep Tiffany, and to evict Bronte. Bronte was evicted by a vote of 5-4-0, and placed 14th after losing to Victor Arroyo in the Battle Back Competition.


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Age: 26
Hometown: San Diego, CA
Current City: Denver, CO
Occupation: Student
Three adjectives that describe you: Capable, willing, and determined.
Favorite Activities: I love to solve math problems consisting of calculus, statistics and probability. I also run, look at adoptable dogs, stretch, and walk to the mall to purchase more hair accessories.
What do you think will be the most difficult part about living inside the Big Brother house? I think I might become stir-crazy after a good month-and-a-half. I really enjoy getting outdoors and going on hikes, so staying put inside for that long will be a challenge.
Which past Big Brother cast member did you like most? I loved Derrick [Levasseur from Season 16]! He played such a well-rounded game. I truly want people to say, "Oh, Bronte is the girl-version of Derrick!"
Do you have a strategy for winning the game? Before I make a move, I am going to think through the worst-case scenario of what might happen with my decisions, and then come up with solutions for them! Houseguests tend to focus on how everything will play out perfectly and then they don’t know how to get out of a sticky situation.
My life’s motto is... Be willing to do what it takes.
What would you take into the house, and why? My running shoes, so I can sleep at night, and my motion sickness medicine. I have to have that in order to run, and if I don't run, I can't sleep. Also, pictures of my sisters![2]

Player History - Big Brother 18 (US)[]

Competition History[]

Week 1 Immunity Win
HTR Part 1 Ineligible
HTR Part 2 Ineligible
HTR Part 3/HOH Ineligible
Roadkill Loss
POV Not Picked
Week 2 HOH Loss
Roadkill Loss
POV Loss
Week 3 HOH Loss
Roadkill Loss
POV Loss
Week 4 Battle Back Loss

Have/Have-Not History[]

Week 1 Have
Week 2 Have
Week 3 Have

Voting History[]

Week Position Voted for With Majority?
1 Immune Ineligible
Paulie Calafiore No
2 Nominated
3 Roadkill Nominee

Post Big Brother[]

  • Bronte attended the premiere of Big Brother 20 (US).
  • She was later hired by Odgers Law Group, a dental law firm in California.[3]



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