Brittany Petros was a houseguest on Big Brother 1 (US). She was the fourth person to be banished from the house.

One of the most popular Houseguests at the time, Brittany became the target of a campaign for her elimination by the family of George Allen Boswell due to her popularity. The campaign was a success and Brittany was eliminated.


Brittany Petros Biography

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Born in Robinsdale, Minnesota on September 9, 1974, Brittany quit her job to participate in "Big Brother".

Plenty of wakeboarding, snowboarding and mountain biking help keep Brittany in top form, and she's recently discovered the excitement of swing dancing. Brittany also enjoys travel and has backpacked solo across Europe. She also likes to experiment with glassblowing at Robinsdale's Clown Glass and to check out what's new at Captive Elements piercing and tattoo parlor.

As for entertainment, Brittany prefers movies that challenge her intellect and her imagination, ranking the deliciously devious "Dangerous Liaisons" and the powerfully complex "American History X" among her all-time favorites. Speaking of challenging and complex, (not to mention very, very funny), she says the very best book shes ever read is Joseph Heller's masterpiece, "Catch-22".

Brittany's idea of the perfect evening includes some terrific Mexican fare at the local Chino Latino, followed by a drink or two at Cuzzy's Bar, then off to the First Avenue Club to dance the night away. She believes, though, that you dont have to venture too far from home for the perfect burger. The best ones, she says, come straight off the backyard barbecue.

When she does leave home, her idea of the ideal vacation is a camping trip or snowboarding mountain adventure. Eventually, though, she'd like to expand her horizons to visit Australia and the Orient.

Player History - Big Brother 1 (US)

Task History

Week 1 Weekly Task Loss
Week 2 Weekly Task Win
Week 3 Weekly Task Win
Week 4 Weekly Task Win
Week 5 Weekly Task Loss
Week 6 Weekly Task Loss
Week 7 Weekly Task Win
Luxury Loss
Week 8 Weekly Task Win

Nomination History

Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position
2 Jean Jordan
William Collins
Cassandra Waldon
Josh Souza,
William Collins
4 Curtis Kin
Jean Jordan
6 Cassandra Waldon
Josh Souza
Cassandra Waldon
8 Cassandra Waldon
George Allen Boswell
Cassandra Waldon
George Allen Boswell

Post Big Brother

  • Currently, Brittany resides in California, where she has been casted for various TV shows and movies, primarily working as an assistant location manager.[1]


  • She is the first houseguest from Minnesota.
  • Whenever Brittany received nominations, one of them was by Cassandra Waldon.


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