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Bree Amer was the runner-up of Big Brother Australia 4 and a former co-presenter of Friday Night Live.

Confident and assertive, Bree is best remembered for being falsely evicted on Day 64 due to a vote count error, before re-entering the house the following day. This incident, combined with her leadership of the female housemates and ability to take ownership of her actions and comments, secured Bree's popularity with both her housemates and the Australian public, finishing as runner-up to her friend Trevor Butler.


Bree Amer Biography

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age: 21

state: QLD

Star sign: Leo

Myself in three words: Princess, joker, friend.

Personal motto: Live wild, die sexy.

Player History - Big Brother Australia 4[]

Nominations History[]

Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position
2 2-Terri Mann
1-Igor Vurmeski
- -
3 2-Terri Mann
1-Igor Vurmeski
1-Terri Mann -
4 2-Terri Mann
1-Kane Dignum
1-Wesley Dening -
5 2-Terri Mann
1-Paul Dyer
2-Terri Mann -
6 2-Terri Mann
1-Paul Dyer
2-Terri Mann
2-Wesley Dening
7 2-Wesley Dening
1-Ryan Fitzgerald
2-Ryan Fitzgerald
2-Wesley Dening
8 2-Kane Dignum
1-Paul Dyer
2-Kane Dignum
1-Paul Dyer
1-Ryan Fitzgerald
9 Violeta Black
(to evict)
2-Paul Dyer
1-Wesley Dening
1-Monica de Balso
1-Paul Dyer
1-Violeta Black
10 No Nominations Nominated
11 2-Paul Dyer
1-Ryan Fitzgerald
1-Ryan Fitzgerald
1-Catherine Tremolada
12 2-Paul Dyer
1-Ryan Fitzgerald
2-Ryan Fitzgerald
1-Trevor Butler
No Nominations Nominated
No Nominations Runner-Up

Hosting Big Brother Australia[]

Post Big Brother[]


  • Bree is the only housemate in the Big Brother franchise to be falsely evicted.


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