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Bowlerina is a recurring Power of Veto, Head of Household, and Temptation competition.


The competing houseguests will have to spin around while holding onto metal bars above their heads. After a certain amount of time, a barrier will drop, allowing the house guests to attempt to roll a ball towards bowling pin shaped targets on the other side. After a certain amount of time, the barrier will rise again, requiring the house guest to repeat the process.


Originally appearing as a PoV competition in Big Brother 15 (US), it was won by McCrae Olson, who was on the block against his showmance Amanda Zuckerman.

Returning two years later on Big Brother 17 (US), history repeated itself, as Austin Matelson won this PoV competition after being nominated alongside his showmance Liz Nolan.

Another two years later for Big Brother 19 (US), the competition was used as a Temptation Competition, which was then by Mark Jansen, who gained immunity for the week, while Jason Dent was nominated for coming in last place.

On Celebrity Big Brother 1 (US), it was used as an HoH competition, where Ross Mathews won. The physical aspect of this challenge caused Omarosa Manigault to have an asthma attack, requiring her to leave the house for a while to seek medical attention.

In honor of Super Bowl LIII, the competition was given a football theme as opposed to a bowling theme on Celebrity Big Brother 2 (US), however the rules were essentially the same. Instead of rolling a bowling ball to knock down four pins, the players had to kick a giant inflatable football through a field goal three times. Natalie Eva Marie won her first PoV, making her the first female to win this competition.

On Big Brother 23 (US), it was used as a PoV competition, with a slightly different format. Players were given a three digit code and were tasked to knock down the numbered pins not shown in the code. Christian Birkenberger won this competition with two back-to-back wins.

List of the Bowlerina Competitions[]


Season Week Name Variant Winner
15 10 "Bowlerina"
McCrae Olson
17 11
Austin Matelson
19 5
Mark Jansen
23 3 "Room Key Rumble"
Christian Birkenberger
25 6 "Buddy Ball"
Jared Fields


Season Day Name Variant Winner
1 11 "Celebrity Bowlerina"
Ross Mathews
2 15 "Kick the Competition"
Natalie Eva Marie


Celebrity (Quebec)[]

Season Week Name Variant Winner
2 6 "Bowlerina"
Catherine Paquin
4 11 "Squeezed Like a Lemon"
Charles Hamelin


Season Day Winner
15 3
Luke Hallinan


  • Natalie Eva Marie is the first female to win this competition. She is the second WWE wrestler to win this competition, after Austin Matelson.
    • Only men have won the civilian version. Coincidentally, all of the men in the civilian version had a showmance.
    • Ironically, the first two times this competition was played, the winner was on the block against his showmance.
    • The bowling variation of this competition has only been won by males and has only been used in odd numbered seasons.
  • A man has won this competition the most, with six seasons.

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