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The Boomerang Power of Veto, other known as the Dual POV, VIP Veto or the Canadian Double Veto, is a variation of the Power of Veto.


The Dual Power of Veto was first used in the first week of Big Brother 13. It gave one pair the opportunity to take both nominees off the Nomination Block, but they could only take both nominees off the Block, not just one. It was not used by Rachel Reilly and Brendon Villegas, who both won the Veto, on Porsche Briggs and Keith Henderson, leaving the nominations intact and sending Keith home by a 6-4 vote. It reappeared alongside the Festie-Besties twist in Big Brother 24.

The Double Power of Veto was first introduced in Big Brother Canada 3 as a choice for the Veto Power Vote during Week 4. It gave the winner the option to remove both nominees off of the Nomination Block, but not one. It was similar to the Coup d'Etat, except the winner could not name a replacement nominee unless he or she were also the HOH. It ended up being chosen by Canada and won by Bruno Ielo, but was not used.

It was later a choice for America's Care Package during Week 3 of Big Brother: Over The Top, with a new name - the Boomerang Power of Veto - but was not selected by Scott Dennis. If chosen, the houseguest could choose to use the Power of Veto twice, rather than the normal one time. The rules were altered for the US version, as the winner has the option to save one, both, or neither of the nominees, while in Canada, the winner had to either save both or none.

It reappeared during Celebrity Big Brother 1 (US) as another fan vote option, but with a new name to match the Celebrity theme - VIP Veto. CBB1 had also added a new rule, if the Veto holder saves one person, they cannot save another until the HOH names a replacement nominee, then giving them the option to save another nominee, including that initial replacement. It ended up being chosen by America and was won by Ross Mathews, who then used it once on himself, choosing not to use it a second time.



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