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Jun Bob Dela Cruz was a housemate on Pinoy Big Brother 1.

On Day 50, Bob was rushed to the hospital after passing out due to his heart ailment. He was immediately taken out of the house to be sent to hospital. However, it is a rule in Pinoy Big Brother that a housemate who is temporarily out of the house under special circumstances would have to return within 24 hours or else, a forced eviction will be given as a sanction to those who failed to return inside the house within 24 hours.

He was forcibly evicted on Day 51 after his time outside the house exceeded within the 24-hour limit. Bob eventually returned to the House for a few minutes on Day 52 to formally bid his housemates farewell. He was the 4th person to be evicted from the house.


Jun Bob Dela Cruz  was a housemate from Marilao, Bulacan. He was a politician who lost a bid in the 2004 elections for a municipal council seat in his hometown.

Player's History - Pinoy Big Brother 1[]

Nominations History[]

Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position
3 Uma Khouny
Cassandra Ponti
Jason Gainza
Uma Khouny
Say Alonzo
JB Magsaysay
4 Uma Khouny
JB Magsaysay
Cassandra Ponti
Uma Khouny
JB Magsaysay
5 Uma Khouny
Cassandra Ponti
Uma Khouny
Say Alonzo
Sam Milby
6 Forcibly Evicted

Post Big Brother[]

  • Bob continued his political career and in 2010, he won the General Elections in which he became a municipal councilor in his hometown in Marilao, Bulacan.


  • He is the first person to be ejected from the Pinoy Big Brother house.
  • He was the first housemate to exceed in the 24-hour Rule resulting to his ejection.
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