Scoop21 wrote:
Oleg.dolgorukov wrote:

Just an opinion. I wish the questions with relatively big point value were less luck-based. In this case you have the highest point question by far and the answer to it is the most random out of all of them. It would be more interesting if we could make our guesses based on what we know about these people and not based on picking a number between 1 and amount of reasonable options. The first person safe means almost nothing (except for the fact this person is safe), so it's unlikely there's a guessable logic behind the answer.

Well if you paid attention to the last time I posted there is a points system. There is a bonus question every week so there are no ties because some people have the same pick. You actually have to have fun in these things, stay involved. Don't complain.

The point of what I said was to may be improve bonus questions in the future weeks. So it was only about this exact question having 25 points and only because I want to have more fun here. Obviously I know about the point system and I totally agree that these bonus questions is a good way to break a tie and make it more dynamic. Thank you for what you're doing and I hope it will still be fun to participate :)

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