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Big Utol is a special twist on the Big Brother persona who controls the Big Brother House and his housemates.

It has uniquely appeared recurringly on Pinoy Big Brother. The term "Utol" is a Filipino street slang term referring to a "younger brother".

Who is Big Utol?[]

Big Utol was introduced as Big Brother's little brother. Just like Big Brother, he's not seen by the housemates nor the viewers and only his voice is heard.

However, Big Utol has a very different personality opposite to Big Brother. Unlike Big Brother, Big Utol, has a mischievous, dastardly character and a gangster-like manner when talking which often intimidated and frightened the housemates and even some viewers. He often pulled pranks on the housemates as well as bringing them out of their comfort zones by forcing them to face their fears.


Pinoy Big Brother:Double Up[]

Big Utol first appearance occurred on Week 14's Day 93 of Pinoy Big Brother: Double Up after Big Brother was rushed to the hospital after he unexpectedly collapsed on the morning of Day 92 while presiding the usual Nominations in the Confession Room with housemate Marielle Sorino.

The housemates haven't heard anything from Big Brother throughout the rest of Day 92 and the usual commands were only given through the television screen, leaving the housemates confused and unsure on what to do. To control over the house, Big Utol replaced Big Brother for a week while Big Brother was in the hospital. Throughout the week he was in control, he brought "hell" to the housemates by pulling pranks, acting mean such as insulting them, making them drunk, having them wake up calls in the middle of the night and frightening them by facing each of their fears. He even had his own "Confession Room" which looked like an interrogation room.

Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition 4[]

Big Utol returned back to the house throughout Week 8 to challenge the teen housemates for their Time is Gold Weekly Task. Just like in Double Up, he had his own confession room but this time, it was circus themed filled with clown masks. Knowing his mischievousness, he also often pranked and insulted the housemates and had intimidating Confession room sessions with them. He also presided the announcement of the nominees of the week mimicking Toni Gonzaga.