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Big Jump Challenge or simply The Big Jump is a major seasonal competition in Pinoy Big Brother where the remaining eligible housemates, usually the final six, will battle out in a series of Big Jump challenges in order for them to secure a slot in the Big Four and a place in the Big Night finale.


The Big Jump Challenge usually occurs during the penultimate week or the final week of a season. This challenge gives the Big Jump winner an advantage to gain one of the Big Four slots, which in turn automatically gives the Big Jump winner a place in the Big Night finale. Once the Big Jump winner has taken a Big Four slot, he or she will be immune from further evictions until the finale night.


  • Big 4 Karapatdapat Challenges: On Pinoy Big Brother: Connect, the usual Big Jump was replaced by a variant new challenge called "Big 4 Karapatdapat Challenges ( Big 4 Worthy Challenges)" wherein the remaining housemates would battle out in a series of Karapatdapat Challenges to secure all the Big Four slots, in contrast a single slot at stake in a typical Big Jump. The players must be able to defend their Big Four slots throughout the series of rounds in order to guarantee their place in the Big Four.

Special Uses

  • Fight for the Big Four: During Teen Clash 2010, the Big Jump was used differently. Instead of its usual use of automatic finale placement, the season's two teams, Team Pinoy and Team Teenternationals competed in a series of Big Jump challenges to gain a Big Four slot for their team in the Big Night. Winning the challenge meant that the teams could secure one or more Big Four slots for their team, reducing the chance for the rival team to secure a Big Four slot and attend the finale. However, a special challenge was later given to the losing team to even out their chances of reaching the finale, and went successful.
  • Lucky Spot: Throughout the first three parts of Lucky 7, the Big Jump was used as a way to get one of the 1st out of 4 Lucky Spots reserved for each batch of housemates; 1st Lucky Star for Celebrities, 1st Lucky Sun for the Teens, and 1st Lucky House for the Adults. Winning the challenge would let the winner advance to the final phase of the season, the Dream Team.


Usually, the Big Jump occurs in every penultimate week of the season where the house is usually just down to six housemates. All remaining housemates are eligible to compete.

In recent seasons, Big Brother gives the housemates a tricky offer to decide whether to accept or refuse to partake in the challenge. However, refusing an advantageous challenge such as the Big Jump usually have negative results. Aside from losing the chance to automatically secure a finale placement, the housemates who refused may be automatically nominated as a result. Worse, refusal to partake in the challenge may be seen negatively by the viewers as a "lack of determination" and may affect their overall standing in the competition.

Name Variants

Season Name Variants
Pinoy Big Brother: Double Up Big Jump to the Big Night
Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Clash 2010 Big Jump to the Big Night
Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition 4 Big Jump to the Big Night
Pinoy Big Brother: 737 Big Jump to the Big Four
Pinoy Big Brother 7 The Big Jump Challenge
Pinoy Big Brother: Otso The Big Jump Challenge
Pinoy Big Brother: Connect Big 4 Karapatdapat Challenges
(Big 4 Worthy Challenges)

Big Jump Winners

Season Big Jump Winners
PBB3-Double Up Logo.jpg
Pinoy Big Brother: Double Up
PBBDU Melisa Small.jpg
Melisa Cantiveros
PBB Teen Clash 2010.jpg
Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Clash 2010
Team Pinoy.jpg
Team Pinoy
PBB-Teen Edition 4 Logo.jpg
Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition 4
Roy Requejo
Pinoy Big Brother: 737
PBB737Dawn Small.jpg
Dawn Chang
PBB7 Official Logo.png
Pinoy Big Brother: Lucky 7
Part 1: Celebrity Edition PBB7Jinri Small.jpg
Jinri Park
Part 2: Teen Edition PBB7Edward Small.jpg
Edward Barber
Part 3: Civilian Edition PBB7Tanner Small.jpg
Tanner Mata
PBB8 Logo - Official.jpg
Pinoy Big Brother: Otso
Part 1: Teen Edition 1st Big Jump
PBB8 Jillian Small.jpg
Jelay Pilones
2nd Big Jump
PBB8 Kaori Small.jpg
Kaori Oinuma
Part 2: Adult Edition PBB8 Yamyam Small.jpg
Yamyam Gucong
Part 3: Teen Edition 1st Big Jump
PBB8 Batit Small.jpg
Batit Espiritu
2nd Big Jump
PBB8 Tan Small.jpg
Tan Roncal
Part 4: Adult Edition 1st Big Jump
PBB8 Akie Small.jpg
Akie Poblete
2nd Big Jump
PBB8 Wealand Small.jpg
Wealand Ferrer
PBB9 Logo - Official.jpg
Pinoy Big Brother: Connect
1st Big Four Slot
Andrea Abaya
2nd Big Four Slot
Jie-Ann Armero
3rd Big Four Slot
Liofer Pinatacan
4th Big Four Slot
Kobie Brown


  • Melisa Cantiveros is the first-ever housemate to become part of the Big Four by winning a Big Jump Challenge.
  • Out of all Big Jump Winners, three became the Big Winner, it was Melisa Cantiveros, Yamyam Gucong, and Liofer Pinatacan.
  • Majority of the Big Jump Winners finished either, 4th or 3rd Big Placers.
  • The Big Jump in Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Clash 2010 was a challenge for Team Pinoy to gain two additional slots in the Big Four in which they successfully won, making the Big Four to Big Six.
  • Since the competition's first introduction in Double Up, only two seasons were held without having a Big Jump; Unlimited and All In.
  • Pinoy Big Brother: Otso is the first season to have more than one Big Jump Competitions held within a single edition.
  • Pinoy Big Brother: Connect is the first season to introduce a variant of the Big Jump challenge with all Big Four slots at stake instead of the usual single Big Four slot. It would be the first time that a challenge would completely determine all Big Four finalists as opposed to the traditional public voting.
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