The Big Four is a title given to the Final Four housemates in Pinoy Big Brother who are able to reach the Big Night finale as finalists where one of them will be hailed as the Big Winner at the end of the evening.

The term was first used in Pinoy Big Brother 1 referring to the first ever Top 4 finalists of the series.


There are two ways to get a Big Four slot; either win the annual Big Jump Competition or survive the final eviction.

Big Jump Competition

For more information, please check the Big Jump Competition page.

Final Eviction

All remaining Housemates except the Big Jump Competition Winner will be nominated by default this time, which means there will be no nominations but instead, they are all nominated for the Big Four slots. The housemate who gathered the lowest amount of votes will be evicted and will not be advancing to the Big Night.

All of that voting process have some basis. Usually, the final week with the remaining housemates (including the Big Jump Winner) is considered as the most crucial week in the house because it's the week where Big Brother tests all the remaining housemates with their patience, genuineness and strength, in just one week.

Throughout the years, several final twists have occurred in each seasons of Pinoy Big Brother that tested the remaining housemates patience and genuineness and how stayed firm to their decisions and beliefs.

It's where the public determines who among the remaining housemates deserve to advance to the Big Night and eventually grab the title of Big Winner.

Big Night's Prizes

Just by being part of the Big Four, it will guarantee any Big Four finalist a cash prize and various additional prizes that may vary from every season.

  • The prizes of the Big Winner usually receives a cash prize of ₱1,000,000 (or ₱2,000,000 during Season 4), a house and lot ( or a condo unit in some seasons), and an Asian tour package for two.
  • The Runner-Up or 2nd Big Placer as the show calls it receives a check of ₱500,000 and additional prizes.
  • The 3rd Big Placer receives a check of ₱300,000 and additional prizes.
  • The 4th Big Placer receives a check of ₱250,000 and additional prizes.

Production Changes

PBB7 Lucky 7 Finalists

Pinoy Big Brother 7's Lucky 7 Finalists in the Confession Room right before their departure from the house on their way to the Big Night venue.

In some instances, the usual Big Four slots can get affected by a season's twist.

  • In Pinoy Big Brother: Double Up, the usual Big Four slots were raised to Big Five.
  • In Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Clash 2010, the usual Big Four was raised to Big Six after the Pinoy Housemates won a challenge, giving them two additional slots for the Big Night.
  • In Pinoy Big Brother 7 the Big Four was raised to Lucky 7 after the remaining 8 housemates succeeded in the Dream Team Challenge. However, since the season had a two-evening Big Night, the Big Four was still announced eventually after the announcement of the 7th, 6th and 5th Big Placers and continued on to the second evening where the Big Winner was announced.
  • In Pinoy Big Brother 8, while each batch still has its own Big Four and a Big Winner, the final batch that consists of every Big Four will have the Big Otso reaching the Big Night. In addition to the Big Winners of each batch, the Big Otso will consist of four other housemates who were part of the final batch in this season. However, like the previous season, this season also had a two-evening Big Night, and the final batch's Big Four advanced to the second evening.

Big Four History

Season The Big Four Finalists Final Evictee
1 PBB1 Logo PBB1Cass SmallPBB1Jason SmallPBB1Nene SmallPBB1Uma Small PBB1Say Small
2 PBB-Celebrity Edition 1 Logo PBBCE1Bianca SmallPBBCE1John SmallPBBCE1Keanna SmallPBBCE1Zanjoe Small PBBCE1Budoy Small
3 PBB Teen Edition 1 Logo PBBTeen1Kim SmallPBBTeen1Mikee SmallPBBTeen1Clare SmallPBBTeen1Gerald Small PBBTeen1Jamilla SmallPBBTeen1Brenda Small
4 BB2Phi-Logo2 PBB2Gee-Ann SmallPBB2Bea SmallPBB2Wendy SmallPBB2Mickey Small PBB2Bodie Small
5 PBB Celebrity Edition 2 Logo PBBCE2Gaby SmallPBBCE2Ruben SmallPBBCE2Riza SmallPBBCE2Will Small PBBCE2Jon Small
6 PBBTeen Edition Plus logo PBBTE2Robi SmallPBBTE2Nicole SmallPBBTE2Beauty SmallPBBTE2Ejay Small PBBTE2Alex Small
7 PBB3-Double Up Logo PBBDU Melisa SmallPBBDU Jason SmallPBBDU Johan SmallPBBDU Tibo SmallPBBDU Paul Jake Small PBBDU Mariel Small
8 PBB Teen Clash 2010 PBBTC Devon SmallPBBTC Fretzie SmallPBBTC Ivan Small PBBTC James SmallPBBTC Bret SmallPBBTC Ryan Small PBBTC Ann Small
9 PBB4-Unlimited Logo PBB4 BiggelPBB4 SlaterPBB4 PamuPBB4 Paco PBB4 Divine
10 PBB-Teen Edition 4 Logo PBBTE4RoyPBBTE4JojPBBTE4MyrtlePBBTE4Karen PBBTE4Ryan
11 Pinoy Big Brother 5 logo PBBAIMaris SmallPBBAIDaniel SmallPBBAIJane SmallPBBAIVickie Small PBBAILoisa Small
12 PBB-737-replay Part 1:Teen Edition PBB737Kenzo Small
PBB737Jimboy SmallPBB737Bailey SmallPBB737Ylona SmallPBB737Franco Small
Part 2:Civilian Edition PBB737Zeus Small
PBB737Dawn SmallPBB737Miho SmallPBB737Tommy SmallPBB737Roger Small
13 PBB7 Official Logo Lucky 7 Finalists PBB7DT Elisse Small
PBB7DT Maymay SmallPBB7DT Nikko&McCoy SmallPBB7DT Tanner SmallPBB7DT Edward SmallPBB7DT Kisses SmallPBB7DT Yong SmallPBB7DT Cora Small
14 PBB8 Logo - Official Part 1 - Batch 1: Teen Edition PBB8 Seth SmallPBB8 Reign Small
PBB8 Jillian SmallPBB8 Kaori SmallPBB8 Angelie SmallPBB8 Karina Small
Part 2 - Batch 2: Civilian Edition PBB8 Shawntel SmallPBB8 Thea Small
PBB8 Yamyam SmallPBB8 Lou SmallPBB8 Fumiya SmallPBB8 Andre Small
Part 3 - Batch 3: Teen Edition PBB8 Angela SmallPBB8 Lance Small
PBB8 Batit SmallPBB8 Tan SmallPBB8 Ashley SmallPBB8 Yen Small
Part 4 - Batch 4: Civilian Edition PBB8 Diana SmallPBB8 Franki Small
PBB8 Akie SmallPBB8 Wealand SmallPBB8 Kiara SmallPBB8 Argel Small
Part 5 - Ultim8 Big 8 Finalist

PBB8 Ultim8 Batch Argel Small PBB8 Ultim8 Batch Wealand Small
PBB8 Ultim8 Batch Akie Small

PBB8 Ultim8 Batch Lie Small PBB8 Ultim8 Batch Yamyam SmallPBB8 Ultim8 Batch Ashley Small PBB8 Ultim8 Batch Kiara Small PBB8 Ultim8 Batch Fumiya Small PBB8 Ultim8 Batch Kaori Small PBB8 Ultim8 Batch Lou Small PBB8 Ultim8 Batch Andre Small


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