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Big Four, also known as Big 4, is a title used in Pinoy Big Brother that refers to the final four housemates who survived the weekly evictions and gained the eligibility to reach the Big Night finale, where one of them becomes the Big Winner.

In the show, being part of the Big Four is already an achievement as each Big Four finalist receives a various prize packages depending on their final placements at the Big Night finale.

In recent seasons, the series has been giving more emphasis on certain game qualities that housemates must possess to deserve a Big Four slot and eventually the Big Winner title. To determine this, the remaining housemates would face either The Grilling, various unanticipated situational challenges set by Big Brother, or the Big Jump Challenge. In Pinoy Big Brother: Connect, for example, the Big Four was determined solely by challenges for the first time, instead of the usual public vote.


There are two ways to get a Big Four slot; either win the annual Big Jump Challenge or survive the final eviction.

Big Jump Challenge[]

Main Article: Big Jump Challenge

The Big Jump Challenge or simply called "Big Jump", is one of the important challenges in the series. It typically appears in the final weeks, and it gives the remaining housemates a chance to secure a slot in the Big Four. The winner of the challenge automatically becomes part of the Big Four and will be safe from further evictions until the Big Four finalists are complete.

Final Eviction[]

Typically, the final eviction night voting is done through an open-voting process, wherein instead of the usual nominations, all remaining housemates with the exception of the Big Jump challenge winner, face the public vote for the remaining Big Four slots. The housemates who received the highest votes gain a Big Four slot, while the housemate with the least amount of votes becomes the final evictee of the season.

Big Night's Prizes[]

Just by being part of the Big Four, it will guarantee any Big Four finalist a cash prize and various additional prizes that may vary from every season.

  • The prizes of the Big Winner usually receives a cash prize of ₱1,000,000 (or ₱2,000,000 during Unlimited, Otso, and Kumunity Season 10), a house and lot ( condo unit in some seasons), and an Asian tour package for two.
  • The Runner-Up or 2nd Big Placer as the show calls it receives a check of ₱500,000 and additional prizes.
  • The 3rd Big Placer receives a check of ₱300,000 and additional prizes.
  • The 4th Big Placer receives a check of ₱250,000 and additional prizes.

Production Changes[]

PBB7 Lucky 7 Finalists

Pinoy Big Brother 7's Lucky 7 Finalists in the Confession Room right before their departure from the house on their way to the Big Night venue.


Pinoy Big Brother Otso Batch 1-4 Who will be the ULTIM8 Big Winner?

Trailer for Pinoy Big Brother: Otso's Big Back to House phase where Big Four finalists of the season's 4 Batches competed for the Big Night finale.

In some instances, the usual Big Four slots and how they are achieved can be affected by a season's twist.

  • In Pinoy Big Brother: Double Up, the usual Big Four slots were raised to Big Five.
  • In Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Clash 2010, the usual Big Four was raised to Big Six after the Pinoy Housemates won a challenge, giving them two additional slots for the Big Night.
  • In Pinoy Big Brother: Lucky 7 the Big Four was raised to Lucky 7 after the remaining 8 housemates succeeded in the Dream Team Challenge. However, since the season had a two-evening Big Night, the Big Four was still announced eventually after the announcement of the 7th, 6th, and 5th Big Placers and continued on to the second evening where the Big Winner was announced.
  • In Pinoy Big Brother: Otso, each batch had its own Big Four and a Batch Winner. However, in the final batch called "Ultim8 Batch", the "Big Four" from previous batches returned to compete for the 8 "Big Otso" slots at the Big Night. The winners of each batch automatically secured a slot at the finale. Similar to the previous season, this season also had a two-evening finale. The "Ultim8 Big Four" from the final batch advanced to the second evening.
  • In Pinoy Big Brother: Connect, a new process for the Big Four selection was introduced. Instead of the usual viewer voting and Big Jump process, the season ditched the viewer voting and implemented the Big 4 Karapatdapat Challenges to solely determine the season's Big Four finalists.
  • In Pinoy Big Brother: Kumunity Season 10's final part, the initial Big Four was raised to Big Five after the Biga10 Housemates got an additional Big Slot for winning their final Weekly Task.

Big Four History[]

Note: The order of the finalists is based on the Big 4 announcement order in their season. To see their final placements, check out the Big Winner page.

Season 1[]

 Uma Khouny
Big Four
 Cassandra Ponti
Big Four
 Jason Gainza
Big Four
 Nene Tamayo
Big Four

Celebrity Edition 1[]

 Keanna Reeves
Celebrity Big Four
 John Prats
Celebrity Big Four
 Bianca Gonzales
Celebrity Big Four
 Zanjoe Marudo
Celebrity Big Four

Teen Edition 1[]

 Kim Chiu
Teen Big Four
 Mikee Lee
Teen Big Four
 Clare Cabiguin
Teen Big Four
 Gerald Anderson
Teen Big Four

Season 2[]

 Gee-Ann Abrahan
Big Four
 Beatriz Saw
Big Four
 Wendy Valdez
Big Four
 Mickey Perz
Big Four

Celebrity Edition 2[]

 Gaby dela Merced
Celebrity Big Four
 Ruben Gonzaga
Celebrity Big Four
 Riza Santos
Celebrity Big Four
 Will Devaughn
Celebrity Big Four

Teen Edition Plus[]

 Robi Domingo
Teen Big Four
 Nicole Uysiuseng
Teen Big Four
 Beauty Gonzalez
Teen Big Four
 Ejay Falcon
Teen Big Four

Double Up[]

 Jason Francisco
Big Five
 Johan Santos
Big Five
 Steve Jumalon
Big Five

Teen Clash of 2010[]

 Devon Seron
Teen Big Six
PBBTC Devon Small
 Fretzie Bercede
Teen Big Six
PBBTC Fretzie Small
 Ivan Dorschner
Teen Big Six
PBBTC Ivan Small
 James Reid
Teen Big Six
PBBTC James Small
 Bret Jackson
Teen Big Six
PBBTC Bret Small
 Ryan Bang
Teen Big Six
PBBTC Ryan Small


 Joseph Biggel
Big Four
PBB4 Biggel Square
 Slater Young
Big Four
PBB4 Slater Square
 Pamu Pamorada
Big Four
PBB4 Pamu Square
PBB4 Paco Square

Teen Edition 4[]

 Roy Requejo
Teen Big Four
 Joj & Jai Agpangan
Teen Big Four
 Myrtle Sarrosa
Teen Big Four
 Karen Reyes
Teen Big Four

All In[]

 Maris Racal
Big Four
 Jane Oineza
Big Four
 Vickie Rushton
Big Four


Part 1: Teen[]

 Jimboy Martin
Teen Big Four
 Bailey May
Teen Big Four
 Ylona Garcia
Teen Big Four
 Franco Rodriguez
Teen Big Four

Part 2: Adults[]

 Dawn Chang
Adult Big Four
 Miho Nishida
Adult Big Four
 Tommy Esguerra
Adult Big Four
 Roger Lucero
Adult Big Four

Lucky Season 7[]

 Maymay Entrata
Big Four
PBB7DT Maymay Small
 Edward Barber
Big Four
PBB7DT Edward Small
 Kisses Delavin
Big Four
PBB7DT Kisses Small
 Yong Mujahil
Big Four
PBB7DT Yong Small
 Tanner Mata
Lucky 7
PBB7DT Tanner Small
 Cora Waddell
Lucky 7
PBB7DT Cora Small


Batch 1[]

 Jelay Pilones
Teen Big Four
PBB8 Jillian Square
 Kaori Oinuma
Teen Big Four
PBB8 Kaori Square
 Lie Reposposa
Teen Big Four
PBB8 Angelie Square
 Karina Bautista
Teen Big Four
PBB8 Karina Square

Batch 2[]

 Yamyam Gucong
Adult Big Four
PBB8 Yamyam Square
 Lou Yanong
Adult Big Four
PBB8 Lou Square
 Fumiya Sankai
Adult Big Four
PBB8 Fumiya Square
 André Brouillette
Adult Big Four
PBB8 Andre Square

Batch 3[]

 Batit Espiritu
Teen Big Four
PBB8 Batit Square
 Tan Roncal
Teen Big Four
PBB8 Tan Square
 Ashley Del Mundo
Teen Big Four
PBB8 Ashley Square
 Yen Quirante
Teen Big Four
PBB8 Yen Square

Batch 4[]

 Akie Poblete
Adult Big Four
PBB8 Akie Square
 Wealand Ferrer
Adult Big Four
PBB8 Wealand Square
 Kiara Takahashi
Adult Big Four
PBB8 Kiara Square
 Argel Saycon
Adult Big Four
PBB8 Argel Square


 Yamyam Gucong
Ultim8 Big Four
PBB8 Ultim8 Batch Yamyam Square
 Kiara Takahashi
Ultim8 Big Four
PBB8 Ultim8 Batch Kiara Square
 Lou Yanong
Ultim8 Big Four
PBB8 Ultim8 Batch Lou Square
 André Brouillette
Ultim8 Big Four
PBB8 Ultim8 Batch Andre Square
 Fumiya Sankai
Big Otso
PBB8 Ultim8 Batch Fumiya Square
 Lie Reposposa
Big Otso
PBB8 Ultim8 Batch Lie Square
PBB8 Ultim8 Batch Ashley Square
 Kaori Oinuma
Big Otso
PBB8 Ultim8 Batch Kaori Square


 Andrea Abaya
Big Four
 Jie-Ann Armero
Big Four
 Kobie Brown
Big Four

Pinoy Big Brother: Kumunity Season 10[]

 Anji Salvacion
Big Five
 Brenda Mage
Big Five
 Rob Blackburn
Big Five
 Isabel Laohoo
Big Five


  • In Pinoy Big Brother: Double Up, the Big Four became Big Five, the first time that five finalists reached the Big Night.
  • In Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Clash 2010, the Big Four became Big Six, which was a result of a competition between Teenternational and Pinoy Housemates.
  • With Pinoy Big Brother: 737 being a two-part series, there were two sets of Big Four finalists, one for the Teens and one for the Regular Adults.
  • In Pinoy Big Brother 7, the usual Big Four became Lucky 7 after the housemates won the 3 out of 3 Dream Team Challenge.
  • In Pinoy Big Brother: Otso, the usual Big Four became Big Otso Housemates after the announcement of Batch Winner for each batch. So far, it’s the most number of finalists to ever reach The Big Night finale with 8.
  • With Pinoy Big Brother: Otso being divided into "batches" with separate gameplay to each other, each of the batches had their "Batch Big Four" and also a "Batch Winner"
  • In Pinoy Big Brother: Otso, the entire Big Four of Batch 2 were also part of the final Big Otso.
  • Jelay Pilones, Kaori Oinuma, Lie Reposposa, and Karina Bautista were named as the Big Four finalists for the Batch 1 of Pinoy Big Brother. They made history record for becoming the first ever all-female Big Four throughout the past 14 seasons.
  • Pinoy Big Brother: Connect is the first season wherein the Big Four was determined solely by a series of challenges.
    • It is also the first season where a Big Four slot can be seized by a housemate who chose to challenge one of the Big Four holders.
  • Pinoy Big Brother: Connect's Big Four is the first Big Four in PBB history where the majority (3 out of 4 finalists) never faced the Filipino public for eviction throughout the season.
  • In Pinoy Big Brother: Connect, instead of receiving the traditional Big Four jackets, the Big Four finalists received Big Four PPEs due to COVID-19 Pandemic.

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