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Big Brother 22: All-Stars

In House
BB22 Small Bayleigh
In House
BB22 Small Christmas
BB22 Small Cody
In House
BB22 Small Da'Vonne
In House
BB22 Small Dani
In House
BB22 Small David
In House
BB22 Small Enzo
In House
BB22 Small Ian
Safety Suite +1
BB22 Small Janelle
Safety Suite
BB22 Small Kaysar
In House
BB22 Small Keesha
In House
BB22 Small Kevin
In House
BB22 Small Memphis
 Nicole A
In House
BB22 Small Nicole A
 Nicole F
In House
BB22 Small Nicole F
In House
BB22 Small Tyler

Promi Big Brother 8

In House
Promi8 Small Adela
In House
Promi8 Small Claudia
In House
Promi8 Small Elene
In House
Promi8 Small Emmy
In House
Promi8 Small Ikke
In House
Promi8 Small Jasmin
In House
Promi8 Small Jenny
In House
Promi8 Small Kathy
In House
In House
Promi8 Small Mischa
In House
In House
Promi8 Small Sascha
In House
Promi8 Small Senay
In House
In House
Promi8 Small Udo
In House

Big Brother Naija 5: Lockdown

In House
Nigeria5 Small Brighto
Deputy HOH
Nigeria5 Small Dorathy
In House
Nigeria5 Small Eric
In House
Nigeria5 Small Erica
In House
Nigeria5 Small Kaisha
In House
Nigeria5 Small Kiddwaya
In House
Nigeria5 Small Laycon
In House
Nigeria5 Small Lucy
In House
Nigeria5 Small Nengi
In House
Nigeria5 Small Neo
Nigeria5 Small Ozo
In House
Nigeria5 Small Praise
In House
Nigeria5 Small Prince
In House
Nigeria5 Small Tochi
In House
Nigeria5 Small Tolanibaj
In House
Nigeria5 Small Trikytee
In House
Nigeria5 Small Vee
In House
Nigeria5 Small Wathoni
Nigeria5 Small Lilo
Nigeria5 Small Ka3na

US Flag Israel Flag Spain Flag Brazil Flag Spain Flag Canada Flag Italy Flag
CBBUS2 Square Tamar
Tamar Braxton
IsraelVIP3 Small Asaf
Asaf Goren
Spain Duo Maria Jesus Small
María Jesús Ruiz
Paula 2019Win
Paula von Sperling
Sálvame Okupa Víctor Winner
Víctor Sandoval
BBCAN7 Square Dane
Dane Rupert
GF16 Small Martina
Martina Nasoni
Poland Flag Germany Flag India Flag US Flag India Flag Nigeria Flag
Magda W 2019Win
Magda Wójcik
Promi7 Janine Square
Janine Pink
Marathi2 Shiv Square
Shiv Thakre
BB21 Square Jackson
Jackson Michie
Tamil3 Mugen Square
Mugen Rao
BBNaija4 Small Mercy
Mercy Eke
India Flag Finland Flag Poland Flag Spain Flag India Flag India Flag
Telugu3 Rahul Square
Rahul Sipligunj
Finland10 Kristian Square
Kristian Heiskari
2019 Kamil Win
Kamil Lemieszewski
2019 Adara Win
Adara Molinero
Shine 2019Win
Shine Shetty
Siddharth 2019 Win
Siddharth Shukla

Big Brother Wiki Key Featured Article
BB21 Nicole Large
Nicole Anthony was a houseguest on Big Brother 21 (US).

Nicole started out Big Brother 21 (US) on the outs, and was almost evicted in Week 3, only to be saved by the Unde9able alliance. Nicole would then go on to form an alliance alongside ally Cliff Hogg III with former Gr8ful alliance members Jackson Michie and Holly Allen to form a Final Four alliance. The four would go on to make the final four. Unfortunately, Nicole was outnumbered on finale night and was evicted as the ninth and final jury member voting for Holly to win.

Minutes later, Nicole received the most votes from America to be America's Favorite Houseguest for season 21. She would be the first female since Elissa Slater in Big Brother 15 (US) to win the award.

She now hosts various podcasts with Eric Curto on Your Reality Recaps and TVCO.

Check her out!

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The poll was created at 00:35 on August 3, 2020, and so far 5 people voted.

Did Soraia deserve to win Big Brother Portugal 5?

The poll was created at 00:36 on August 3, 2020, and so far 10 people voted.

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