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<gallery type="slider" orientation="bottom">
<gallery type="slider" orientation="bottom">
File:bianca-bbb20 eliminated.jpg|Bye-Bye Bianca|link=Big Brother Brazil 20|linktext=Bianca becomes the fifth person, and first woman, evicted from BBB20!
File:BBB20Week10Evic.png|BBB20: Who Will Be Evicted?|link=Big Brother Brazil 20|linktext=The nominations have been made! Who will be evicted on BBB20: Felipe, Manu or Mari?
File:ItalyVIP4 Clizia Large.png|Will She Survive?|link=Grande Fratello VIP 4|linktext=Her hateful comments towards Andrea Denver put her game in jeopardy. Will she survive?
File:BBCAN8 Logo.png|Breaking!|link=Big Brother Canada 8|linktext=Two BBCAN8 houseguests have been ejected from the game!
File:Malayalam2 Manju Large.jpg|Goodbye Manju!|link=Manju Sunichen|linktext=Manju Sunichen has been evicted from Bigg Boss Malayalam 2!
File:BB Portugal 5 Logo.png|Postponement!|link=The Impact of COVID-19 on Big Brother|linktext=Two Big Brother seasons across the world have been cancelled!
File:Sverige8 Jessica Large.jpg|Breaking!|link=Jessica Pamlin|linktext=Jessica Pamlin has walked from Big Brother Sverige 8!
File:BBCAN8 Cast.jpg|Meet the Cast!|link=Big Brother Canada 8|linktext=Meet the sixteen strangers entering Big Brother Canada 8!

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