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The Big Brother Wiki has 11,795 articles and 79,683 total pages since it's inception on July 1st, 2010. However, we have continued to grow at a very rapid pace. Since May 2016, the Big Brother Wiki has expanded from the North American versions of Big Brother to other international versions to become the most requested destination for Big Brother content.

To solve a common problem in our community, as of February 21, 2018, all users that are not administrators of content moderators, must "request" that a new page is created. This can range from seasons, contestants, twists, competitions, tasks, etc. This is put in place in order to eliminate all of the unnecessary page creations and to assimilate with the other corresponding pages. Administrators and content moderators are the exceptions to the rule, due to the face that they have been promoted to such ranks due to their credibility and willingness to correctly format pages.

If any users that are not of certain ranks do not follow the Policy will be enforced with the Blocking Policy. All decisions are final.


If a policy is changed, it will be listed below:


If you have a requested page, click here: here