Big Brother Wiki

The Big Brother Wiki Blocking Policy is a set of the guideline in order to enforce the policies of our wiki, the Big Brother Wiki. The Blocking Policy is in effect in order to temporary (or permanently) remove a user from damaging the Big Brother's information or taking advantage of our wiki. Administrators and Bureaucrats are given the option to block a user from the Big Brother Wiki but are not required to. The Blocking Policy is subject to change at any time.

Blocking Reasons

Unacceptable Language

Any form of language that includes curse words or intimidating language is not allowed on the wiki unless it is a direct quote.

Violating the Page Request Policy

The Page Creation Request Policy was put in place on February 21, 2018 in order to prevent new and inexperienced users from creating pages. Users that create pages without an admin notice or trusted experience from Administrators, a warning will be issued then a blocking.


Vandalism is one of the major types of damage to the Big Brother Wiki. Vandalism is the process of a user to purposely change the information of the wiki to their own likes or in order to disrupt other users time on the wiki.

The types of vandalism include erasing pages, changing information that may include inappropriate language, or inserting knowledge in order to mess with users.


Spamming on the Big Brother Wiki includes inserting unnecessary categories, repeating the wrong edits after they have been corrected, and creating unnecessary pages.

Deletion of Pages

Deletion of Pages includes deleting pages that should not be deleted.


Harassment is a very serious offense on the Big Brother Wiki and should not be taken lightly. The Big Brother Wiki is a positive place to discuss and record the history of Big Brother. if any harassment and/or personal attacks happen, it will not be taken lightly.

Length of Block

Big Brother Wiki Blocking Length
1st Offense 2nd Offense 3rd Offense 4th Offense 5th Offense
Warning 1 Week Ban 1 Month Ban 6 Month Ban Admin's Choice Varying
from 6 Months to Infinite
Violating Page
Request Policy
Warning 1 Month Ban 3 Month Ban 1 Year/Infinite Ban  
Vandalism 1 Month Ban 6 Month Ban 1 Year/Infinite Ban  
Spamming 1 Month Ban 6 Month Ban 1 Year/Infinite Ban  
Deletion 1 Month Ban 6 Month Ban 1 Year/Infinite Ban  
Harassment 1 Year Ban/Infinite Ban Infinite Ban