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Big Brother Showdown also known as the Saturday Showdown is a weekly competition in Big Brother Australia 10 where the housemates compete to gain Nominations Superpower and an access to the Presidential Suite. The competition is held every Saturday night.

This was based on the Friday Night Live, a former weekly competition for the Head of House.

The Showdown is hosted by Nine Network TV Host, Shelley Craft with Mike Goldman and former housemate Michael Beveridge serving as commentators.


Winning the Competition will give a housemate some privileges/advantages throughout the week.

Nominations Superpower[]

The Nominations Super Power is a weekly twist to nominations. It is a special secret power given to a housemate who won the Showdown. The Nominations Super Power gives an advantage to that housemate for nominations in that given week. Each week, various Superpowers will be given.

Presidential Suite[]

The so called Presidential Suite, have similar amenities to that in the "Rewards Room". It has a large LED screen for watching movies, luxurious foods, and a private hot tub. However, the Presidential Suite can only be used for one day throughout the week.


Showdown Challenges[]



  • Big Brother Showdown only appeared in Big Brother Australia 10, it didn't return for the following season.