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Big Brother Norge is the Norwegian version of Big Brother.

It was aired from 2001 to 2003 on TV Norge for three moderately successful seasons. A new season of the programme was launched in late August 2011 on TV2 Bliss.

How it Works

Big Brother is a reality show based on the Big Brother series by Endemol. The show originates from the Netherlands, where in 1999 the very first season was aired.

At present, the format is spread in a number of countries around the world. A group of people (called the Housemates) live together in an isolated house. 24 hours a day their life is recorded by hidden cameras in all the rooms in the House. They don't have TV, Internet, newspapers, even watches on their hands. The Housemates are completely isolated from the outside world. Every week, each one of them must enter the Diary room and nominate 2 of the other people for public eviction. The 2 or more housemates with most negative votes become nominated. For almost a week the TV viewers have to decide which of them to be evicted, voting via SMS or phone calls. Every week the Housemates have a week task. Depending on whether they do their task successfully or unsuccessfully, their week budget is increased or decreased. During the final week, the viewers vote which one of the remaining people in the House to be the winner. He or she wins a big cash prize.


Big Brother Norge Seasons
Season Season Run Days Housemates Winner Runner-Up
Big Brother Norge 1 February 24, 2001 -
May 31, 2001
97 12
Lars Joakim Ringom
Anita Olsen
Big Brother Norge - Tilbake I Huset November 17, 2001 -
November 25, 2001
9 4
Leena Brekke
Big Brother Norge 2 February 24, 2002 -
June 2, 2002
99 15
Verónica Agnes Roso
Espen Vesterdal Larsen
Big Brother Norge 3 March 8, 2003 -
May 15, 2003
Eva Lill Baukhol
Halvor Kvikstad
Big Brother Norge 4 August 29, 2011 -
December 4, 2011
100 20
Tine Barstad
Lena Westby



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