This section is about the Big Brother House in the United States. For more houses, check out Big Brother House.

The American Big Brother House plays an important role in the series as it's the place where houseguests live together for a certain period of time.

The house is actually located within a sound-stage studio lot inside the CBS Studio Center in Los Angeles near the Los Angeles River.

The original one-story Big Brother House that appeared in the first five seasons were specially built on an empty back-lot. It then moved to CBS' Stage 18 few blocks away and a specially-built backyard was added adjacent to the sound stage. The new house is a two-story house and has been in use starting from the sixth season up to the present.

Original House

The original Big Brother House was used in seasons 1 through 5. It was a much smaller house and only 1 floor. The HOH bedroom was located near the Diary Room and the Living Room.

Season 1 - Basic

Season 2 - Modern Contemporary

Season 3 - Modern Contemporary

Season 4 - 70's Retro

Season 5 - Art Nouveau

Current House

The current Big Brother house was introduced in season 6 and is used today. It is much larger, two stories, with the second floor being the HOH suite. The house was refitted with all HD cameras, in 2014.


Season 6 - House of Secrets

Season 7 (All-Stars) - House of Extremes/Heaven vs. Hell/Good vs. Evil

Season 8 - Alice in Wonderland

Season 9 - Lake House

Season 10 - Generations in American History/Contemporary

Season 11 - Southern California/Green

Season 12 - South Beach/Miami

Season 13 - Venice Beach/Inside Out

Season 14 - Tokyo Pop/1980s

Season 15 - Mid-Century Modern/Planes

Season 16 - Urban Treehouse/The Elements

Season 17 - Steel Wave/Modern Beach

Season 18 - Around the World

Over the Top - Autumn

Season 19 - Summer of Temptation

Season 20 - Interactive Technology/Gaming/Silicon Valley

Season 21 - The Great Outdoors/Summer Camp/Camp BB


Season 1 - Los Angeles Skyline/Golden/Sophisticated

Season 2 - 1940s New York City


  • Since the house's major upgrade in Big Brother 6 (US), there were minor changes that took place in the Big Brother House:
    • Since Big Brother 17 (US), the roof-like ceiling was removed and the ceiling was expanded all the way to the side, which enabled them to build a skybridge over the foyer.
    • In Big Brother 18 (US), they turned the entrance of the house from one door to two, but later reverted back to the single door for Big Brother 21 (US).
    • In Celebrity Big Brother 1 (US), the backyard was nearly entirely removed in favor of a covered-court like activity area for competitions. Only the sitting area remained as the house's backyard area. The original backyard size was brought back in the twentieth civilian edition.
    • In Celebrity Big Brother 2 (US), the reduced background are returned, this time with a specialized swimming pool in place for Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte. Once again, the original backyard size and pool returned in the following civilian season.
    • Also in Celebrity Big Brother 2, a second Diary Room was added in the hallway connecting the balcony and the gym.[1]


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