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This section is about the Big Brother House in Canada. For more houses, check out Big Brother House.

Original House[]

The original house was used only for season one. The house was mostly on 1 floor with the HoH room and the front door being upstairs. The house is quite unique for a Big Brother house in that the garden is inside with lights being used to simulate day and night. The only outdoor area is a small hot tub area.

Season 1 -  Mid-Century Modern[]

Second House[]

The second house was introduced in season 2 and was used until season 5. Much of the layout is identical (location of the DR being next to the stairs, the inclusion of the outdoor area). This house also has more rooms on the second story (with the main bedroom, bathroom, and HoH room being upstairs). This house also has a small room for twists (in season 2 this was the War Room, in season 3 this was the Vault, in season 4 this was the High Rollers Room, and in season 5, this was the Bridge). The room is also used for the HoH to make nominations.

Season 2 - Modern/Contemporary/Natural[]

Season 3 - Industrial/Steampunk[]

Season 4 - BBCAN Grand (Casino)[]

Season 5 - BBCAN Odyssey (Space Ship)[]

Third House[]

The show was put on hiatus after season 5 ended, and the second house was demolished and the studio that it was located in was sold. Once it was announced that the show would be returning for season 6, a new studio was used and a new house was built. It has a near-identical layout to the second house, however, there are minor differences, such as some rooms being smaller than before, while others are much bigger. Another example, the living room, which used to be sunken down in the second house, but has entirely level ground in this new house. There is no pool and in season 12 the Hot Tub was moved from the outside portion of the house to the room once sponsored by Expedia. The special room for nominations returned as well, becoming the season 6 Throne Room.

Following the show's cancellation after season 12, this house was demolished as well.

Season 6 - Heaven vs. Hell[]

Season 7 - Spy Headquarters[]

Season 8 - Superheroes/Comic Books[]

Season 9 - Post-Apocalyptic[]

Season 10 - Game Show[]

Season 11 - BBCAN Manor (Mansion)[]

Season 12 - BBCAN Studios (Hollywood North)[]