This section is about the Big Brother House in Australia. For more houses, check out Big Brother House.

Original House

The original Big Brother Australia house was used from Season 1 up to Season 11. The house was located within the Dreamworld compound, a theme park in Gold Coast, Queensland.

The house had a large backyard area and interior space, which had been renovated with different interior layouts every season. Additional areas of the house had been built throughout the years, such as the adjacent Friday Night Live Arena where the housemates compete in mini-games, and an adjacent special suite accessible through a door in the backyard, and was exclusive for immunity winners only.

In 2012, the swimming pool was enlarged and was moved at the center of the backyard, while the kitchen was separated from the main house. In 2014, the house had a slight upgrade by adding a second floor which housed the Diary Room. A hanging pod, called the tree house was built overlooking the backyard below.

After the show went on hiatus after its 2014 season, the house was left abandoned and decaying. It eventually became a popular destination among abandoned building vloggers and trespassers, which eventually became the cause of its demise when a group of underaged arsonists burned the house down in 2019.

Season 1 - Basics

Season 2 - Do-it-Yourself

Season 3 - Square & Round Houses

Square House

Round House


Season 4 - Modern Contemporary

Season 5 - Neon Pop/Sporty

Season 6

Season 7

Season 8

Season 9 - Traditional & Contemporary

Season 10 - Safe House vs. Halfway House/Tropical

Season 11 - Miami/Hollywood

Current House

The current house was built after the original house was unexpectedly burned down. Instead of having it restored, Channel 7 decided to find an existing structure that could be transformed as the new Big Brother house. The production team managed to found a new home in Manly, New South Wales by using an old WW2 Warehouse in North Head Sanctuary.

The current house which has been in use since 2020 is much smaller than the original house. New rooms were added in the current house that haven't been seen in the original house such as the Eviction Room and the Green Room. An exterior entryway was built the new house, while an adjacent gymnasium near the warehouse was connected to the main structure and was transformed as a challenge arena called The Basement.

Season 12

Season 13



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