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PBB House 2019

Filipino Big Brother fans visit and take photos in front of the Pinoy Big Brother house in Quezon City, Philippines.

"It's a house like no other where cameras follow your every move and microphones capture your every word. This is the Big Brother House."— Big Brother U.S. (franchise)

The Big Brother House is where the contestants stay during their time on the show.

It functions as a real and livable home but is surrounded with several cameras, microphones and two way mirrors throughout the house. Although the interiors of the house are made to look like a house, it's actually located inside a studio where the production crew record everything through the two-way mirrors within a dark camera alley surrounding the house. Infrared cameras are also installed throughout the house which enables to capture the house while in complete darkness.

The house has the amenities of a typical house. It typically has two to three bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen and dining area, a bathroom and toilet, a storage room, a backyard garden and a swimming pool. It has a special private room called Diary Room also called as Confession Room where the contestants voice out their feelings, give votes and usual talk with Big Brother. Some series like Big Brother Australia, Big Brother Germany and Pinoy Big Brother, there's an Activity Area/Arena where competitions and some tasks take place. In recent seasons, additional rooms have been added depending on the season's twists, these include an eviction room, a nomination room, and a secret room.

In some franchises like Big Brother U.S. and Big Brother Canada, there's a lavish room called Head of Household bedroom with a private bathroom and a spy viewing access to certain areas of the house. Other countries such as Brazil, Spanish USA & Mexico (both Celebrity) also adapted the HOH Room for the HOH (called the Lider) of the week.

Each season, the house is renovated with a particular theme, usually being connected to the season's main twist. Some seasons may feature various themed houses ranging from an empty house to two-neighboring houses depending on the twist.

The Houses Around the World[]

2018 House Changes[]

Along with the replacement of the Big Brother official logo with the 2018 rebrand logo, Endemol Shine also implemented technical changes into the house layout by lessening the use of one-way mirrors in the Big Brother House. The first seasons worldwide to adopt these new changes are:

  • Celebrity Big Brother 22 (UK) is the first season to have a house without any cameramen but instead have robotic cameras as their replacement in the camera runs.
  • Pinoy Big Brother: Otso is the first Big Brother season to completely remove the inner camera runs and one-way mirrors in the house layout, making it solely dependent on AI cameras scattered throughout the house.
  • Big Brother Poland 6 is the first Big Brother season to have a house set in a real house instead of the usual customized "studio set" house.


  • The first ever Big Brother house was found in the Netherlands although it has been torn down already.
  • Big Brother U.S. House is the first Big Brother house to feature a complete two-story house.
  • Celebrity Big Brother Quebec 1 is the first Big Brother to have a three-story house.
  • Unlike most Big Brother houses, Pinoy Big Brother House has a facade that can be seen across the street when people pass by. Many super fans have taken photos in front of the infamous house.
  • Big Brother Portugal holds the record for the most expensive real house used, with the property utilized between 2020 and 2021 valued at over 6.5 million euros.


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