Beth (unknown last name) was a potential houseguest from Big Brother 1

After Week 9 in the Big Brother house, it was revealed that the six remaining houseguests would be offered $20,000 at the live eviction show. If one of the houseguests took the offer, then they would have to walk from the game. If a houseguest took the money and walked, they would be replaced by a woman named Beth. At the live eviction show, Julie Chen announced that the houseguests would be offered $20,000 in exchange for their life in the Big Brother house. All of the houseguests declined, so Julie raised the offer to $50,000. After some hard thinking from the houseguests, especially George Allen Boswell, it was decided that no one was going to take the $50,000 offer, thus Beth didn't enter the house.


  • Since Beth never entered the house, her last name was never revealed.
  • Beth is the first potential houseguest in Big Brother history.
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