Benjamin Macé is a housemate on Secret Story France 11.


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28 years old - Bordeaux - Single

The sparkling blue eyes Benjamin is a charmer.

Born of military parents, Benjamin has moved much during his childhood. But this 'military' education gave him a lot of rigor and determination. Today he says it himself is very intransigent with himself and with others.

Benjamin is not a fervent spectator of the secret story, but he wants to challenge himself, it is his player side that takes over.

He is a great athlete, who goes to the limit. He is also an outstanding competitor who will start again and again until the victory is his.

It is said of him that he is frank, he does not mince his words and can sometimes be hurtful. It rarely puts the forms!

Now a sports coach, he likes to help people to go beyond their limits.

Benjamin has lived a relationship for 5 years.[1]

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