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Barbie Imperial was a housemate in the Teen Edition chapter of Pinoy Big Brother: 737.

Barbie was introduced a week prior to her entry in the house. She was first introduced in the afternoon variety show, It's Showtime. She was then officially introduced during the live launch, together with Kamille Filoteo and Bailey May.

Her moniker was "The Doll along the Riles of Albay" due to the fact that she used to live near along the railway tracks ("Riles" means railway tracks) in her hometown in Daraga, Albay as well as having a namesake with a doll.

Despite her short stay inside the house, Barbie unintentionally stirred up some controversy which cost her place in the Big Brother house.

Barbie got nominated on the First Nomination Night, along with Bailey May and Kamille Filoteo, making them eligible to compete in the Ligtask Challenge. However, she lost the competition and failed to save herself from the nominations, leaving her and Bailey up for eviction. Unfortunately, she received only 37.84% of save votes while Bailey gathered 62.16% at the end of the week, making her the first ever evictee of the Teen Chapter and also the entire season as well.


Barbie Imperial Biography

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Full Name: Barbie Imperial
Origin: Legazpi City, Albay
Age: 16
Occupation: Student

You could say that Barbie’s name suits her – tall, slim, fair-skinned, pretty and very girly – seemingly perfect, just like the doll with the same name. But Barbie’s life is far from perfect. She grew up not knowing how it is to have a complete family and always longing for her father whom she only gets to see frequently.

She also grew up not knowing how it is to have a house she could call her own – Barbie, her mom and older brother used to stay at a relative’s house until they finally got their own place along the railway tracks of the Philippine National Railroad in Daraga, Albay. But despite the circumstances, Barbie continues to have a positive outlook in life.

For Barbie, anything is possible as long as you believe in yourself and actually do something about it. She dreams of being able to provide a better life for her family, and be able to give her mom a more suitable home they could call their own. And inside the Pinoy Big Brother House, anything is possible. With her family as inspiration, will Barbie be able to prove herself worthy to be hailed as the PBB737 Teen Edition Big Winner?

Player History - Pinoy Big Brother: 737[]

Teen History[]

Task History[]

Week 1 Weekly Task Loss
Week 2 Weekly Task Loss

Competition History[]

Week 2 Ligtask Loss

Nominations History[]

Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position
1-2 2-Kamille Filoteo
1-Kenzo Gutierrez
2-Kamille Filoteo
2-Kenzo Gutierrez
2-Kyle Secades
2-Jimboy Martin
2-Ylona Garcia
2-Zonia Mejia
1-Ailah Antopina
1-Ryan Bacalla
14 Points

Post Big Brother[]


Precious Hearts Romances presents Araw Gabi Teaser Coming Soon on ABS-CBN!

Barbie's first ever television series, entitled Araw Gabi (lit. Day Night) where she will portray the protagonist.


Barbie's original photo was caused spreads in social media and editing with no bikini.

  • Barbie became part of an all-girl dance group called GirlTrends however she left the group months after the group's creation.
  • For the first time, Barbie will be cast for a main role in her first ever television series, entitled Araw Gabi, under the 2018 reboot of the television series, Precious Hearts Romances Presents which features television adaptations of the best-selling Filipino pocketbook novels published by Precious Hearts Romances.
    • Araw Gabi is an adaptation of the best-selling novel, El Paraiso written by Filipino author, Martha Cecilia.
    • Barbie went through a casting audition just to get the main role named Mich.
    • Celebrity housemate Jane Oineza of Pinoy Big Brother: All In was cast to portray the main antagonist role of the series.
  • Barbie's life story will be featured in an episode of the long-running weekend drama anthology series in the Philippines, Maalaala Mo Kaya and she will portray herself. Her MMK episode was aired on April 28, 2018 on ABS-CBN.
  • Barbie got victimized an Edited Fake Nude Photo and spreads on social media. After Sue Ramirez and All In housemate Maris Racal.


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