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Balls of Fate is a twist that appeared in Pinoy Big Brother 7's Celebrity Chapter.

It was introduced on Day 17, when the Celebrity Housemates entered the Pinoy Big Brother House who just came from the Vietnam Big Brother house.

A Lottery Machine called Big Tambiolo will appear any time of the day and once it appeared, they must pick a ball from the Balls of Fate inside, whatever image is inside the ball will happen to the housemates, whether unlucky or lucky.

It didn't return for the Teen Chapter of the series but it reappeared once during the Adults Chapter when the Adult Housemates had to pick a punishment for their violations.


Celebrity Chapter[]

Throughout Week 3, The Big Tambiolo lit up randomly, signifying that the Celebrity Housemates must take a ball of fate. Whatever they took will be applied to their stay inside the house for a specific amount of time.

Date given Ball of Fate Description Applicable To
Day 17 Luggage Only one Luggage will be given. The housemates will have to share clothes on someone's luggage. They chose Nonong Ballinan's luggage. All Housemates
Day 17 Food The housemates will only have a supply of one basket of just bitter-gourd, sweet potatoes and eggs. Big Brother didn't tell how long the food will be available so they were forced to ration it for as long as possible. All Housemates
Day 19 Eyes The three female housemates will be blindfolded for four hours. Elisse Joson
Jinri Park
Yassi Pressman
Day 21 Golden Coin In order to get some food they must list down the needs deemed important to them. They could only get it through the Golden Coin Challenge. All Housemates

Adults Chapter[]

The Balls of Fate were put inside the house again for the violators' punishment. The balls have 1 points and 2 points inside it. The violators will have to take a ball and whatever is inside the ball will be added to the total nomination points they would receive for the upcoming nominations.

Week Housemate/Violator Ball of Fate
20 Tanner Mata Additional 1 Nomination Point
Wil Dasovich Additional 2 Nomination Points
Ali Forbes Additional 1 Nomination Point
Cora Waddell Additional 2 Nomination Points


  • It wasn't until Day 23 that the Celebrity Housemates got their own luggages.
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