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Bailey Thomas May is a 4th Placer finalist on the Teen Edition of Pinoy Big Brother: 737.

Bailey was nicknamed as the Global Gwapito of United Kingdom for his charming looks as well as his background of growing up in a foreign country. Entering the house, at age 12, many audiences also thought he looked a lot older than his actual age while inside the house, however his mind is still a bit childish and playful which was obvious to his actions inside the Big Brother house.

With the help of Big Brother's life advices, he was also remarkable for his character development as he became more mature throughout his stay in the house than the way he was when he first entered the Big Brother house.

Growing up in Britain most of his life, Bailey initially had a hard time adapting to the lifestyles of his fellow housemates, but throughout the series, he exerted his best effort to learn and adapt to his Filipino side, with the help of his housemates and especially Big Brother.

In the early days of his stay inside the house, Bailey was notable for committing several violations which led him being punished by Big Brother. On Day 3, Bailey was punished to become a human speaker throughout until Big Brother lifted the punishment.

Early on, Bailey immediately made a very close friendship with Kenzo Gutierrez. He also gained friendships immediately with most of the housemates, with the likes of Ryan Bacalla, Franco Rodriguez and Barbie Imperial. During the latter part of the Teen Chapter, he made a closer friendship with Ylona Garcia which eventually led to infatuations, albeit a childish kind.

Bailey and Ylona's puppy romance began a new fandom that shipped the two, most of which were composed of adolescent girls. Fans named their loveteam, Bailona and a new fanbase was formed, which worked to their advantage.

Their loveteam sprouted immediately, although they were unaware that such things were happening outside the house until they went back outside. They eventually became part of the Big Four and secured a place for the Big Night. Bailey and the Teen Big Four temporarily left the house for the Civilian chapter.

Bailey and the Teen Big Four; Ylona, Jimboy and Franco went back inside the house on Week 15 to live with the remaining adult housemates. Bailey gained a close friendship with Tommy Esguerra which he treated as an older brother.

On Day 140, the Teen Big Four and the Adult Big Four finally departed the Big Brother house and travelled to Legazpi City in Albay for the season's Big Night finale where in Bailey was announced as the 4th Teen Big Placer after receiving 7.58% of the total public votes.


Bailey May Biography

Full Name: Bailey Thomas May
Origin: UK
Age: 12
Occupation: Student
Hobbies: Playing Football, Basketball and Rugby, Singing

This Social Media Singing Sensation got his vocal talent from his British dad and Filipina mom who were both singers in a cruise ship when they met. Bailey was born in Cebu, but has been living in the UK with his family since he was 4yo. He’s into sports (football, basketball, rugby), music and girl watching with his friends (Bailey has never had a girlfriend, though).

Throughout their seven years in the UK, Bailey and his family has visited his mom’s relatives in Cebu a few times, exposing Bailey to Filipino culture and dishes. In fact, some of Bailey’s favorite food include munggo and puto. And believe it or not, Bailey eats balut, too! On the other hand, speaking in Filipino (Tagalog and Bisaya) was never really practiced in their household so Bailey only knows “konting” Tagalog and “gamay” na Bisaya, which explains the Filipino dictionary in Bailey’s luggage when we rummaged through the stuff that he’ll be bringing inside the Pinoy Big Brother House. Will his love for Filipino food and his Filipino dictionary be enough to help Bailey adjust and fit in with his other Teen Housemates? Will he be able to prove that he has the heart of the Filipino and deserves to be the next Teen Big Winner? Find out on PBB737 Teen Edition

Player History - Pinoy Big Brother: 737[]

Teen History[]

Task History[]

Week 1 Weekly Task Loss
Week 2 Weekly Task Loss
Week 3 Weekly Task Win
Week 4 Weekly Task Win
Week 5 Weekly Task Win
Week 6 Weekly Task Loss

Competition History[]

Week 2 Ligtask Loss
Week 3 Ligtask Loss
Week 4 Ligtask Win
Week 5 Pinasaya Challenge Loss
Ligtask Ineligible
Week 6 Big-Ating Concert Competition Win
Ligtask Ineligible
Week 7 Ligtask Ineligible

Nominations History[]

Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position
2 2-Ylona Garcia
1-Zonia Mejia
2-Ryan Bacalla
1-Kamille Filoteo
1-Ylona Garcia
3 2-Ailah Antopina
1-Zonia Mejia
2-Franco Rodriguez & Ryan Bacalla
2-Zonia Mejia & Ailah Antopina
4 +2-Kenzo Gutierrez
+1-Franco Rodriguez
Ligtask Winner
5 Ineligible
Pinasaya Challenge
6 Big-Ating Concert
Nomination Competition
Day 47
Day 49
Day 50
2-Kamille Filoteo
1-Jimboy Martin
Default Nominations
No Nominations Finalist
19 No Nominations 4th Place

Post Big Brother[]


Bailey May with Filipino-American actress, Vanessa Hudgens after Now United's guesting in So You Think You Can Dance 15 Finale.


Visiting Big Brother & Turning up the Heat in the Philippines!!! - S2E4 - The Now United Show


Bailey May posing for a Now United photoshoot in March 2020.

  • Just months after Pinoy Big Brother, Bailey signed with ABS-CBN's talent agency Star Magic and released his self-titled album under Star Music.
  • Together with Ylona Garcia, Bailey had his first acting appearance when they joined the TV Series, On the Wings of Love, as part of the extended cast later in the series.
  • In 2016, Bailey released various singles.
  • In 2016, together with his loveteam partner, Ylona Garcia, Bailey sang O' Pag ibig and was nominated for the annual Himig Handog song competition.
    • Despite not winning the grand prize, it bagged various special awards the most.
  • Around mid-2017, Bailey, together with Ylona Garcia, AC Bonifacio and Jane De Leon, were handpicked by ABS-CBN as representatives of the Philippines and were sent to Hollywood to train for the Now United boot camp, spearheaded by the renowned artist manager and Idol Series creator, Simon Fuller. [1]
  • In November 16th 2017, Bailey was announced as the member of the new global pop group, Now United created by Simon Fuller.[2]
  • Since their official debut in 2018, Bailey and fellow Now United members have been appearing in numerous international media shows, gaining numerous international fans.
  • In 2018, Bailey and his Now United pop group performed in the finale of Fox's reality dance series, So You Think You Can Dance (Season 15).
  • In March 2019, Bailey visited the house together with his fellow Now United members as part of Bailey's homecoming in the Pinoy Big Brother House, where his career in the entertainment industry started. They performed inside the house and met the Batch 2 Adult Housemates of Pinoy Big Brother: Otso. They also appeared in the show's companion shows like the online show, "Bring 8 On".
  • In January 2023, Bailey left Now United, His explanation from Magandang Buhay which Melisa Cantiveros is a host.
  • From 2022 to 2023, Bailey appeared on the Philippine-South Korean boy group survival reality show, Dream Maker, serving as one of the mentors to the contestants who would eventually form the Asian boy group, Hori7on.


  • Bailey, at age 12, became the youngest ever housemate to enter the house in the history of Big Brother worldwide.
    • He celebrated his 13th birthday, a day before they temporarily left the house for the entry of adult housemates.
  • Probably due to his young age, both of Bailey's parents regularly appeared in the confession room discussion sessions with Big Brother, whenever a certain topic regarding Bailey was highlighted in some of the episodes. Despite having a discussion with Big Brother almost regularly, they never entered the main house nor met the housemates. They were just sent in by Big Brother for a parent talk.
    • Bailey got to talk to his parents through a video chat once, as a reward for finishing his special task.


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