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BB Takeover is the major twist that took place in Big Brother 17. This twist only lasted 3 weeks and is not considered to be successful. Julie said that the reason that the twist was cancelled was because there was enough going on in the game without it.

The Twist[]

BB Takeover is a brand new twist introduced in Big Brother 17. The takeover typically happens once a week in the House when the BB Takeover alarm plays ("Get ready for a takeover!") and all the houseguests report to the living room. A celebrity or familiar face will deliver the news of the BB Takeover, announcing a new twist each time. 


Week Takeover Guest Twist
1 Phil Keoghan Two Additional Houseguests
The BB Fast Forward
2 Kathy Griffin The Last Laugh
3 Rob Gronkowski Gronk Party Week

Twist Description[]

Two Additional Houseguests[]

Phil introduced two former contestants from The Amazing Race to play the game, Jeff & Jackie.

BB Fast Forward[]

A twist similar to the Fast Forward from The Amazing Race. As Da'Vonne and Vanessa sat out of the Head of Household competition, they both were awarded immunity to the next week as well as selecting one additional houseguest to award immunity with. Da'Vonne selected Liz and Vanessa selected Austin.

The Last Laugh[]

A phone will appear in the house ringing at any point. The seventh person that answers the phone will have the ability to nullify three eviction votes at the next eviction. Da'Vonne Rogers won The Last Laugh, and blocked Becky Burgess, Jeff Weldon, and Jackie Ibarra from voting.

Gronk Party Week[]

There were no original Have Nots for the week. Throughout the week certain task were given to the houseguest and if they were unable to perform that task, they would be a have not for the rest of the week. This later was not the case. Throughout the week, Gronk held various parties. The houseguest must party to the right requirements or they would become a Have-Not. After all of the parties, a Luxury Competition was held for the HOH, Vanessa Rousso, the dethroned HOH, Austin Matelson, the two Battle of the Block winners Meg Maley and Jason Roy and the Power of Veto winner, John McGuire. After all of this, Meg won a luxury cruise with Gronk.