BB Comics is a recurring Power of Veto competition. This competition is famous for featuring comic book covers with houseguests drawn as superheroes. It requires mainly attention to detail while having a physical component to it as well.


One at a time, players must climb a ladder and zip line slowly to view a window with comic books situated behind them. Down below, the players must precisely replicate the comics in order. There are, however, fake comic books in the pile of comics to choose from, so players have to be careful.

The player who gets all the comic books in the correct spot with the quickest time wins the PoV.

Usually, there is a time limit of 35 minutes, upped to 45 in Big Brother 19 (US). If houseguest's time runs out, they are forced to stop and their result equals to this time limit.

Starting from Big Brother 20 (US), the format was changed a bit. The spot the difference aspect remained, but it involved looking at four screens that cycled through all the comics electronically, and then going out into the field and knocking down cardboard cutouts of the comic characters that didn't match the original picture. The physical aspect was also upgraded, with the zip line and drop still remaining, but with the addition of a balance beam as well. The competition was still timed, and so it is still possible for a houseguest to time out.


The competition first appeared on Big Brother 16 (US). Christine Brecht was the winner and it was her first individual win of the summer. Christine's time was 11 minutes 50 seconds. Nicole Franzel came in second and was 30 seconds behind Christine. Brecht's result was still the fastest after four times this competition was played, with Franzel's being the second best. The worst result was also achieved during this appearance of BB Comics when Victoria Rafaeli was not able to finish the task in 35 minutes.

BB Comics returned on Big Brother 17 (US). Eventual winner Steve Moses won this competition claiming his second PoV of the season. Steve's time was 13 minutes 57 seconds. This appearance of the competition had more comic book covers than every other one since Big Brother 17 had more houseguests.

The competition showed up again on Big Brother 18 (US). Nicole Franzel played it for a second time and this time she won. Nicole completed the task in 13 minutes 55 seconds which was more than four minutes better than everybody else that season. James Huling didn't manage to finish the task in time repeating Victoria's failure during Big Brother 16.

For Big Brother 19 (US) the entire first half of the 11th week was based on BB Comics, and many past HouseGuests reunited as their comic book characters for a short film called "The Revengers." Any Revengers who did not have comics before this season had their comics and characters made for this one. Like Big Brother 17, this appearance would have featured more comics than the others due to the larger number of houseguests on the season, however due to Megan Lowder walking from the game, she did not receive a comic. Paul Abrahamian won this competition with a time of 12 minutes and 10 seconds. Kevin Schlehuber couldn't finish in time (45 minutes), and so he timed out just like James and Victoria.

The competition returned again for Big Brother 20 (US), but in a slightly different format. The spot the difference aspect remained, but the physical portion of the competition was upgraded from just a zip line and a huge drop, with the addition of a balance beam. Kaycee Clark ended up winning her third PoV in a row. Kaycee gave the new competition format a new record of 2 minutes and 17 seconds, beating Christine's time in the original format by almost 12 minutes.

The competition's annual reappearance continued into Big Brother 21 (US), reverting to the original format. Nicole Anthony won with a time of 10 minutes and 58 seconds, beating Christine's record.

List of BB Comics Competitions

Season Week Competition Variant Name Variant Winner
16 6 Power of Veto "BB Comics"
Christine Brecht
17 7
Steve Moses
18 12
Nicole Franzel
19 11
Paul Abrahamian
Kaycee Clark
Nicole Anthony


The winners of this competition have their names in bold. Houseguests who were evicted when this competition took place have their names in italics.


  • As of Big Brother 21 (US), there are 95 houseguests that have a comic design so far and 100 comic designs overall.
  • Christine, Steve, and Nicole F all won two POVs during the seasons they won this competition on.
    • Coincidentally, all 3 wear glasses.
  • Nicole F and Paul are the only people to play this competition twice. Coincidentally, they were also the Final Two of Big Brother 18 (US).
    • They both got second place in this competition in their first seasons and won it in their second.
      • Coincidentally, the first time the competition appeared, it was during Nicole F's original season.
    • James was present for this veto in Big Brother 17 (US), but he was not picked to play.
    • Frank Eudy is the only Returning Player to get their first comic in their second season, as BB Comics debuted in Big Brother 16 (US), while Frank originally played on Big Brother 14 (US).
  • Christine, Paul and Nicole A are currently the only winners of this competition to not go on and win the season.
    • Christine and Nicole A are the only two people to win this competition and not make the Final Two, while Christine is the only person to win this competition and not make it to finale night.
  • Both contestants named Nicole (Nicole Franzel and Nicole Anthony) who played this competition have won it.
  • Big Brother Canada 8 had a superhero/comic book theme in a similar vain to BB Comics, including comic-style drawings of the houseguests. Those photos can be viewed on on the season's page.
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