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Atanas "Nasko" Kolev is the winner of VIP Brother 10 (Bulgaria).


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Hometown: Varna
Education: Completed secondary education at MG Varna
Age: 21 years old
Sign: Sagittarius
Marital Status: Cots come
Profession: Student of Medicine / Artist - Performer
Harmful habits: I do not
Hobbies and interests: Sports (basketball, football), reading, music
Describe yourself in a few words: Intelligent, purposeful, patient, positive and slightly distracted
The best words they said about you: It's going to be better than it was yesterday
What are you proud of: With your family and your friends
The three things you can not live with in the House: Food, Water, Tarator
Atanas is a singer, a former basketball player and a medical student - a future physician. "My idea of ​​specialization is gynecology. As a business idea, it seems very profitable to me because the female part of the audience is understood - they like me and I like them, and I think there will be many hours reserved for the future, "says Nasko.
She thinks she has a flair for women. Recognizes that famous women like him and that he has had connections with them. "They say I am self-loving - if it were possible I would have married for myself. This with the female kingdom, I confess, a little frightens me because it sounds like a matriarch. If it is a harem, it will just be perfect. Though I return my words. Two months under one roof with too many women is not a fresh job. If I'm the only man in the House, I'll leave. " [1]

Player's History - VIP Brother 10 (Bulgaria)[]

Nominations History- VIP Brother 10[]

Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position
1 Richard Velichkov
Valentin Kulagin
Bozhana Katsarova
Richard Velichkov
2 Diona Sashova
Valentin Kulagin
Richard Velichkov
Valentin Kulagin
3 Eva Naydenova Richard Velichkov
Vanya Kostova
4 Eva Naydenova
Valentin Kulagin
5 Richard Velichkov
Valentin Kulagin
Richard Velichkov
Valentin Kulagin
6 Petko Dimitrov
Rosemary Tisher
7 Bozhana Katsarova
Richard Velichkov
Richard Velichkov
8 No Nominations Nominated
Day 53 No Nominations Winner

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